Innova: The Story

Our story is an interesting one. Since 2008, Innova has been finding new and unique ways to tackle the tired processes and designs of other healthcare equipment. We set out with the goal of creating equipment that could deliver seamless functionality without compromising the aesthetics. Since then, our product range has grown to accommodate all kinds of environments; from private homes and hospices, through to hospitals and even funeral homes. Our fresh-thinking attitude has placed us at the forefront of healthcare equipment design and manufacturing.

Innova stands for newness, for modernity, and for innovation itself. The video above signifies that. Our team works together every day to ensure that all of our clients (whether they’re nurses, case managers, or even architects) have the best solution and equipment for their needs. From our first thrill of the Integralift to our enthusiasm for each new project, you can see our story right here.