Specialist Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Innova 3PL Services

With a strategic hub in West Yorkshire and a nationwide network, our experienced team provide third party logistics services specifically designed for healthcare and medical equipment.

After supplying our own care equipment for over a decade, we understand the importance of safely transporting and properly storing medical equipment. We handle collection, storage, asset monitoring, equipment maintenance, and redistribution. Get hassle-free 3PL at any scale, from small to large operations.

Nationwide redistribution of medical equipment by Innova

Collection & Redistribution

  • Nationwide collection and distribution.
  • Pickups and dropoffs to suit your schedule.
  • Refrigerated vehicles are available.

Warehousing & Storage

  • We currently have over 8,000 medical items in storage.
  • Warehouses specifically designed for medical equipment.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment – includes cold storage.

Asset Management

  • Asset listing and registering.
  • Realtime stock tracking.
  • Access to a client portal.
  • Full product visibility and call-off.

Equipment maintenance

  • Product cleaning before storing.
  • Decontamination services.
  • Ongoing servicing and maintenance to enhance product lifespan.