Audits, Servicing & Maintenance

We offer service contracts on all our equipment, from beds and mattresses, to hoists and hydrotherapy pools. With nationwide engineer call-out coverage as well as an emergency breakdown line, we can support you in any situation. And if you take out a 2-year servicing contract with us, we’ll double the warranty on all our products.

LOLER Testing

Under UK law, any lifting equipment needs to be inspected and tested according to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). Our engineers carry out LOLER tests every six months to ensure that the equipment we’ve supplied you with is still in top-notch condition.

Mattress Decontamination

Our decontamination services are completely bespoke for each and every client. Mattresses can be sent to our decontamination centres, or we can carry out mobile deep cleans. All of our products are designed with infection control in mind, and we ensure excellent hygiene standards with every decontamination.

All our cleaning routines and processes are carried out in accordance with MHRA DB20006 (05).

Bed & Mattress Audits

We offer independent or assisted bed and mattress audits, meaning that we can either come into a hospital to help staff inspect the equipment, or we can do it all ourselves.

We’ll take the covers off the mattresses and test all the components to ensure that everything is still running smoothly and efficiently. We recommend that audits be carried out at least once a year.


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