Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several hotels with the aim to make disabled rooms more accessible to guests with complex needs. Our subtle product range is perfect for hotels because it offers excellent support without infringing on the overall look of the room.

Our aim is to work with the Accessible Hotels Campaign and provide more truly accessible facilities across the country.

What we can do

We can work in existing hotels and new-builds to create the most accessible environment possible, without detracting from the overall look of the room. Our subtle AirGlide360 hoist tracking can be inset to the ceiling to maintain the aesthetics of any hotel room whilst offering incredible accessibility.

Alternatively, our Integralift hidden hoist can offer safe transfers from A to B and neatly folds away into a cupboard when it’s not needed, making it the perfect hoisting solution for any hotel or guest house.

The Accessible Hotels Campaign

The Accessible Hotels campaign was established to create change within the hospitality sector; specifically making facilities more accessible to the wider disabled community. Although some hotels do have disabled access rooms, they don’t cater to the needs of the thousands of people who have more complex conditions and require more comprehensive equipment.

We’re proud to work alongside the Accessible Hotels campaign to provide bespoke solutions to each and every hotel that wishes to become accessible.