Home Adaptations

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Our Innova Home team work alongside the solicitor, architect, contractor, case manager, occupational therapist, and the client themselves to ensure that everything is as it should be for each individual case.  We are very proud to have worked with families and individuals for almost 30 years, supporting with home adaptations following serious injuries and disabilities.

We have expert insight from decades of advising on the experience of buying and making adaptations to your home following a serious injury which can be a huge, stressful and often unseen undertaking – we can offer practical information and advice for those of you who are in a similar situation.  We are dedicated to helping our clients recover the quality of life they deserve.  Your home should be a place of safety and security, not a source of anxiety and restriction.

Extensive Equipment Range

With such a large range of equipment at our fingertips, we can help to give you and your client the perfect solution. We specialise in:

A house is often bought after the claim either settles or goes to a hearing, but often, it’s done during the litigation process.  This is a ‘forever move’ in most cases, so it is essential that it is done properly so the home has to work for the child’s needs now and as they change in the future, and, of course, provide enough accommodation for any care team. Innova specialise in customising solutions that work with the individual and their families, ensuring the right advice is always provided.

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Everything You Could Possibly Need

Any move is stressful for a family, but the time frame just for identifying a property that can fit the needs of the individual and family can often be quite lengthy. Expect this process to take around 12 months, but it can vary. Following that, an adaptation scheme is drawn up, and put out to tender with a reputable builder then selected and the architect often project managing the build acting as a go-between between the family and the builder.

The build can take many months to complete, depending on the scale of the adaptation but we conveniently offer everything you could need all in one place.

We have our own:

  • Project Managers
  • CAD and BIM Revit draftsmen
  • Installation teams (including our own plumbers)
  • Servicing Department

Our Project Managers can make sure that every aspect of a project is thought of and planned for, and we offer nationwide coverage.

Permobil assessment

Unrivalled Expertise

We always encourage people to get in touch with us if they need any advice on layouts for specialist healthcare equipment, and the same goes for case managers and architects specifying for private dwellings.

Whether you’re looking at ceiling track hoists or bathroom layouts, we can help go through the many things to consider and plan for depending on the client’s needs. From structural requirements and pick-up points of a hoist, through to pipework and bath locations, we’re happy to go through everything with you to ensure that the client is getting the perfect solution.