Somlent Air Egg

With the increasing focus to prevent and manage pressure injuries in care environments, we wanted to create a product that would be one step ahead. The Air Egg combines the latest pressure care technology with comfortable settings to create a completely dynamic mattress that can provide comfort and care for a plethora of patients.

The Air Egg system is the future of pressure care in healthcare environments.

The Revolutionary Egg Pump

The Air Egg was named for the shape of its pump, and it’s this smart device that has evolved pressure care beyond any existing parameters. This antidecubitus system offers the choice of 2 or 3 air outputs, giving the carer complete total control over the mattress itself. The Air Egg also gives you the option of a 2-cell or 3-cell pressure system, providing a wider variety of pressure redistribution for high risk and very high risk patients.

What makes the Air Egg truly unique is its built-in alternating pressure intensity levels. This gives carers the option to change the amount of pressure put in each cell of the mattress, therefore making pressure relief more comfortable than traditional air mattresses. For individuals who require pressure redistribution but often find the hard cells rough, the Air Egg allows you to step down the hard to soft cell pressures. Simultaneously, the caregiver has the option to step up the air pressure to 100 and 0 for very high risk patients who are asleep most of the time and require better pressure care. The Air Egg is a pioneer of comfort and pressure care.

With the choice of a 2-way or 3-way pressure system, nurses and caregivers can truly customise the Air Egg to suit each and every individual. The 2-cell system inflates each other cell in the mattress, whilst the 3-cell system uses a sequence of 3 air pressures to provide more complex pressure redistribution.

The Air Egg also includes an intuitive sacral sensor, which pumps more air into the sacrum area of the mattress when the head section is inclined to 30° and above.

Shape Memory Actuators Controlled Systems (S.M.A.C.S.)

The Air Egg system uses S.M.A.C.S. to give accurate live-readings of the pressure inside the mattress itself. This gives nurses and carers a better understanding of exactly where the mattress is harder and softer. These readings signal to the pump when there is any fluctuation in pressure that could be caused by changes in posture or patients. This makes the Air Egg a truly responsive system that can cater to the needs of both high risk, and very high risk patients with ease and dignity.

Easy to Understand, easy to Use

The Air Egg has been specifically designed to have a simple, uncomplicated user interface so that care providers can have total control and understanding of the system. The pump has simple icons and functions, which allow nurses and carers to control the Air Egg with ease, making sure that the highest quality care is delivered with no hassle at all.

Somlent Egg Plus

Air Egg Technical Specifications

  • Mattress comes with waterproof, breathable, coated cover with 2-way stretch fabric
  • For high risk patients
  • Height: 18cm
  • Supported Weight: 230kg
  • Option to exclude heel section to get a zero-pressure zone
  • Polyurethane foam safety base
  • CPR function located at the head of the patient

Air Egg Plus Technical Specifications

  • Same mattress cover as standard model, with slightly deeper mattress with 7 different pressure zones for more adaptive pressure redistribution.
  • Height: 21cm
  • Supported Weight: 250kg
  • Option to exclude the heel section for a zero-pressure zone
  • Polyurethane foam safety base
  • CPR function found at the head of the patient
  • Static or dynamic mode
  • Maximum inflation to assist nursing operations
  • Alternation intensity can be changed
  • Variable cycle times
  • Sacral sensor to monitor pressure and avoid a sacral dip

Somlent Air Egg Mattress Training Video

This training video on the Somlent Air Egg Mattress shows you how to operate the mattress, covering the following topics:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Connecting and Disconnecting the Pump – 01:33
  • Section 3: Pump Functions – 02:39
  • Section 4: Alarms – 05:51
  • Section 5: CPR Function – 06:35
  • Section 6: Removing Air Cells – 06:54


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