Wall Beds

Wall beds are so important in places like hospitals, particularly the children’s ward. They offer comfort and stability to families and friends who want to stay with their loved ones through the night. We know that wall beds are a small, but integral part of patient care, which is why we’ve perfected them.

Cabinet & Options

Our design team have worked diligently to create a completely bespoke cabinet that features a sloping top for better infection control and anti-ligature. Not only that, our cabinets have been built to last. Under the durable outer shell, there’s a 10 x 30mm metal frame for strength and durability. All panels are made iwth high impact 2mm ABS Banding on all edges, enabling the cabinet to withstand any knocks or bumps.

As with most hospital furniture, the panels are easy to wipe clean, and the wall bed has a simple, neat design for optimum infection control. There’s a choice of different wood finishes or different laminate colours so that our wall beds can match the decor with ease.

Frame & Mechanism

The wall bed uses an advanced mechanism – an automatic self-tilter. As you move the bed, this will reposition the top panel of the wall bed to become the footboard.

What’s more, thanks to clever counterbalance, the bed folds down by tself – the nurse doesn’t have to take the weight at any point, and the bed doesn’t crash down either!

To prevent unauthorised use, we’ve specifically designed a locking mechanism for each cabinet. There a choice of separate keys for each with a master key, or one key for all cabinets. the handle even features an antibacterial coating that destroys bacteria, spores, viruses, mould, odours and pollutants for even better levels of infection control.


The wall bed mattress is made from a highly resilient foam that provides a good level of comfort and support to the user.

The outer cover is a multi-stretch, water resistant, polyurethane fabric providing excellent recovery and durability, which help to reduce friction forces on the skin. There are zips around 3 sides of the cover to allow easy inspection of the foam core, and easy removal for laundering. The mattress is also flame retardant.


Our installation process is as easy and hassle-free as possible. All our joiners are fully accredited and have the necessary qualifications, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.