Arene Rise & Recline Chairs

After building good relationships with many hospices over the years, we decided to design a riser recliner chair that was perfectly suited to their needs. We wanted to create something specifically for the needs of hospices that offered softness and support for the ultimate level of patient care. As far as we’re aware, our Arene rise and recline range is the first in the world designed exactly for the needs of hospices.

The Arene Mk II rise and recline chair goes above and beyond to deliver outstandingly high quality care.

Each Arene chair is tailored to the client’s needs; whether it’s the various backrest options and pressure relief, or colour schemes and upholsteries, the Arene can be made to suit anyone. With the Arene Mk II offering a wealth of features to make it as supportive and comfortable as possible, it truly is the best rise and recline chair for hospices and environments that deliver end of life care.

The Arene Mk II with lateral backrest.

The Idea

Having worked closely with hospices for a number of years, we’ve learnt a lot about what they and their patients require in seating. Whereas all other seating has been blinkered and focused solely on the medical needs of the patient, we’ve gone leaps beyond and looked at how we can make seating as easy as possible for caregivers, as well as improving quality of life for the user.

We’ve married the patient’s medical needs with their lifestyle needs to create the Arene Mk II, which boasts a range of features that will help hospices and other facilities keep patients happier and comfier in what can be particularly difficult stages of life.

Not only does the Arene Mk II deliver exceptional comfort, positioning and postural support, it also looks incredible. With a new streamline design, the Arene Mk II is modern, stylish, and sophisticated in any environment.

Completely customise your Arene with an array of fabrics and colours available.

Upholstery Choices

The Arene Mk II can easily be customised to suit any existing decor thanks to the wide variety of upholstery and materials that it can come in. With a Dartex covering on the seat areas, the rise and recline chair is easy to wipe down. The outer parts of the chair (including the armrests) are upholstered in a different colour, with a contrasting stripe running from the base of the armrests all the way up to headrest.

This combination is a great way to incorporate specific colour schemes and patterns, making the furniture feel more homely and in place in hospices and other care environments.

The cushion on the infection control version of the Arene attach magnetically.

Made for Infection Control

For places where infection control is a top priority, we’ve designed a version of the Arene that meets all your needs.

The cushions are attached to the chair magnetically so there’s no need for velcro. The handset is also fixed to the side of the chair with a magnet so there’s no extra fabric or stitching needed. This also means that there’s no extra nooks or crannies where bacteria can harbour and grow.

The base cushion snaps into place and you then fold the cushion over the top. The backrest cushions are then put into place and attached with a magnetic strip across the top.

The head cushion is then attached above this with the magnetic strip across the top of the chair.

The Arene comes in different sizes and model to ensure that every patient's need is taken care of.

Models, Backrests, & Armrests

The Arene Mk II comes in three different models to suit every prospective user:

  • Arene Mk II Standard: A stylish rise and recline chair designed for even the toughest of environments with smaller castors.
  • Arene Mk II Mobile: This model has large wheels and a push handle to enable patients to be wheeled from room to room.
  • Arene Mk II Bariatric: The perfect rise and recline chair for bariatric clients including large castors and a push handle for easy manoeuvrability.

There are two armrest styles to choose from on the Arene:

  • Contemporary: Modern sculpted armrests, with a soft flat top to ensure patient’s arms don’t slip off and are correctly cushion and supported.
  • Drop Arms: These drop arms lower at the press of a button to enable side transfers.

Choose between three backrest options for your Arene chair:

  • Contemporary Backrest: A sleek, modern backrest with some lumbar support. The neck cushion option comes as standard with this backrest.
  • Waterfall Backrest: A soft backrest with adjustable cushions. Not recommended for use with the Drop Arm armrest option.
  • Lateral Backrest: Offers soft lateral support. Not recommended for use with the drop arm armrest option.

The Arene can be recliner to an almost flat position which is very comfortable for sleeping. It an also keep the level of the hips below the legs to help reduce any swelling.


When it comes to choosing the way the Arene Mk II reclines, there are 3 mechanism options to choose from:

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space: Provides a two-way, tilt-in-space action that gives high leg elevation with the occupant experiencing friction or shear as the seat to back angle remains constant. This is controlled through an uncomplicated two button handset.

Dual Motor: Utilises two motors, operated by a four-buttoned handset to allow independent legrest and backrest operation.

Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space: Enables independent backrest operation with the addition of a tilt-in-space recline motion. The tilt-in-space movement significantly enhances comfort by minimising the amount of friction and shear.

Our Arene range is available for free product trials so that you can experience exactly how versatile they are. Just let us know which model you’re interested in, and we can arrange an Arene trial for you.

Additional Features & Options

  • Reading Light: Mounted on the top of the chair, this reading lamp can be switched on and off with just a touch.
  • Tablet Mount: This option can be fixed on to the arm of the Arene Mk II, and gives the user a chance to use their tablet with no additional neck strain or postural problems.
  • USB Charging Port: An optional USB charging port can be fitted into the side of the chair to give the patient an easily accessible way to keep all their gadgets on full battery.
  • Large Castors: These are fitted on our Arene Mobile and Bariatric models for easier mobility and sturdy positioning.
  • Sensor Mat: This will provide excellent safety measures for all caregivers, and is fitted in the cushion itself to signify when a patient has stood up from the Arene Mk II.
  • Heat & Massage Setting: Ensure absolute relaxation with built-in heat and massage features!
  • Reinforced Backrest Protection: This extra protective barrier keeps the backrest of your Arene well-guarded if it reclined against a wall.
  • Improved SafeLock Castors: these castors incorporate a unique self-locking braking system. To move the chair, simply hold down the lever on the push handle on the back.
  • Accupak Battery System: A rechargeable battery system which enables the chair to be used without trailing wires.
  • Footplate: Include a footplate in your bespoke Arene Mk II to provide excellent leg support to any user.

Arene Rise & Recline Chair Training Video

Watch this training video to find out how the Arene Rise and Recline Chair works. This video includes the following sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Handset Functions – 01:12
  • Section 3: Removing and Adjusting Cushions; Pressure Relief Options – 01:47
  • Section 4: AccuPak Rechargeable Battery Pack Option – 02:17
  • Section 5: USB Charging Port Option – 03:01
  • Section 6: Tablet Holder Option – 03:24
  • Section 7: Reading Light Option – 03:49
  • Section 8: Falls Prevention System Option – 04:18


Type Description Size Download Download Icon
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Arene Mk II Rise & Recline Chair Leaflet 608KB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Arene Upholstery Choices 7MB Download


 Seat HeightSeat WidthSeat DepthBackrest HeightWeight Limit
Small17½” (445mm)18½” (470mm)18½” (470mm)29” (735mm)20 Stone
Medium19½” (495mm)20½” (520mm)18½” (470mm)31” (785mm)25 Stone
Large19½” (495mm)22½” (570mm)20½” (520mm)31” (785mm)25 Stone
Bariatric19½”(495mm)28” (710mm)19½” (495mm)27” (685mm)40 Stone