Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables

Our overbed tables and bedside cabinets can be crafted to perfectly complement any care facility. These bespoke pieces can be made in a range of wood finishes to blend into any room and maintain a comfortable, homely environment.

Bedside Cabinets

These bedside cabinets can be made-to-measure to suit any space. We’ve designed these units specifically for facilities like hospitals, hospices, and care homes where easy-to-use functions and robust structure are of high importance.

Our cabinets are made with reinforced surfaces and hinges to ensure that they are completely solid in even the most demanding care environments. You can choose how many drawers you’d like in the design, and we can include built-in lockers for the individual’s medication or valuable possessions.

To keep our units manoeuvrable, we mount them on 4 castors for easy repositioning. They can also include optional features like bowl holders, towel rails, and bottle cages to deliver a completely convenient solution.

Our bespoke bedside cabinets can be supplied in a number of colours and finishes to suit any environment.


Overbed Tables

Our customised overbed tables offer complete comfort and convenience to the user. Available with a split top or a fixed surface, these tables can offer a flexible solution in care environments where space is limited. With a tilting table-top, the overbed table provides an easy platform for the user to read and eat from.

With the option of a wider C-shaped base, our overbed tables can fit around rise and recline chairs with ease to give the individual the most comfortable positioning possible. Mounted on 4 castors, the overbed tables can be manoeuvred to suit the user’s position perfectly. They’re also height adjustable between 76cm and 103cm to fit over beds and chairs with ease.

These overbed tables are available in a range of wood finishes, and our interior designer can find the right shade and finish to match any existing décor.