Attendant Couch

An attendant couch can save safe if you need occasional bed space for care home staff and visiting relatives

In our opinion, the Attendant Couch is the best ‘sleeper chair’ of its kind, boasting the ultimate comfort for any user. The versatile design of the Attendant Couch makes it ideal for families and friends of patients in your hospice.

Features & Options

The bottom section of the Attendant Couch can be pulled out to transform it from a chair to a bed, offering excellent comfort in both forms. With a built-in foam mattress, the Attendant Couch can help to provide a comfy night’s sleep. Available in different fabrics and colours, these couches can be custom-made to match any existing decor. The Attendant Couch is also fitted with 4 double-castor wheels for easy manoeuvring.