The traditional way to create an ultra-low bed is to put motors in the bed ends. We didn’t like that idea as it looks awful, and the client can’t see around the room. Instead, we’ve come up with a new concept altogether: the LowLine bed!

The low level bed has been the same for years. With sunken mattress platforms and high bed ends, we don’t think that they look great but it’s always seemed to be the only way of creating a low rise bed. Think again. Our LowLine bed descends to a mere 10cm from the ground, with removable low bed ends to maintain a homely aesthetic. Why settle for awkward-looking high bed ends when the LowLine is on offer?

The LowLine looks how you want it to look.

This low bed can be customised to suit any environment. Choose from a range of wood colours and bed end styles to blend in with any room. Whether it’s for a private home, a hospice, care home, or other care facility, the LowLine subtly suits any space with ease. There are lots of options available – just get in touch for further details.

Low Bed Ends & Lots of Space

Thanks to a unique mechanism, the mattress height on the LowLine can go down an unbelievable 10cm! Despite this, the LowLine still provides everything you’d expect from a normal profiling low level bed, including backrest adjustment, kneebrake adjustment, Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg tilts, and a high mattress platform lift of 70cm.

Because we’ve taken the motors out of the ends of the bed ends, they’re much lower than any other ultra-low rise bed. This means that the patient can see around the room, and doesn’t feel enclosed. As it’s such a low bed, you don’t have to use siderails, contributing further to the feeling of space.


Special Features

The LowLine bed can be customised to suit any environment. Choose from acute style bed ends and components that are excellent for cleaning and maintaining good infection control, or select woods colours and bed ends styles to suit your space. Siderails are also available if required – just ask.


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Safe Working Load:200kg for 100mm lowest height, or 300kg for 150mm lowest height (Requires a different handset)
Low Position:100mm (150mm if 300kg safe working load required)
High Position:700mm
Back Angle:0 - 62°
Knee Angle:0 - 35°
Trendelenburg:15° to -15°
Overall Dimensions:2080mm x 905mm
Sleeping Surface Dimensions:2000mm x 890mm
Castors:75mm twin wheel