Siderails. They’re seen as necessary evil; unsightly yet safe. We’ve always pondered and dared to dream that there could one day be a bed without side rails that gave the same security. Inspiration struck us in the shape of a lawn chair – and the Liberta was born.

This is freedom redefined.

The Concept

The ugly necessity of siderails (also known as bed rail guards and safety bed guards) has always been a frontier to overcome for our designers.

It just doesn’t seem right to put anyone in a bed that feels like a prison. Imagine spending hours of every day looking through bars.

We’d been thinking about it for years, and on a sunny day on the tennis court, we sat down in a fabric garden chair for a cold beer. The fabric of the chair was see-through, easy to clean, and incredibly tough. And that was our eureka moment.

We crafted our own mesh courtesy panels that combined functionality and aesthetics to create a care bed that could easily safeguard users from falling out of it without obstructing their views when laid down.

The Liberta is the future of care beds.


Features & Options

Boasting a height adjustable range of 23cm to 80cm, the Liberta caters to the needs of both the patient and the carer. Comfort can be enhanced even further with completely effortless and tool-free length adjustability between 205cm and 220cm, meaning that the individual’s height is of no concern in the Liberta.

The Liberta also gives the option of two different kinds of undercarriages; one with 50mm double castors neatly and attractively encased so that they’re out of sight, or entirely visible 75mm double castors (with a 26cm to 83cm mattress platform height adjustment) for incredible mobility and manoeuvring.

When it comes to colours and finishes, Liberta fulfils virtually every wish. If you do not immediately find what you are looking for in our standard range of 12 finishes, we’re only too pleased to suggest other ideas from our wide selection of additional décor and special designs. There’s a choice of two headboards and footboards that can be mixed and matched, and with both wood and fabric finishes on offer for the side panels and bed ends, the Liberta can be completely customised in every way.

Simple buttons with easy-to-understand diagram-based buttons help the patient or resident have independence and control over their daily situations. Like hospital beds, the carer can adjust the bed for the best sleeping position, or the right height to get up. It’s the perfect way to increase the patient’s independence!

The Courtesy Panels

The innovative Liberta sidepanels can be switched from a sliding fabric courtesy panel to a wooden panel – or vice versa – in just 30 seconds. Simply pull up the bed guard rails when they’re needed or slide them down when they’re not necessary. They can be stopped at any height, giving the individual a range of options, and they’re strong enough to use as a handle to get out of bed! The Liberta gives the user the freedom to adjust their own courtesy panels for assistance and safety when needed.

The real plus point to this revolutionary design, however, is the experience for the patient. No longer does it feel like they are in prison!

The mesh fabric of the panels is good for infection control; it’s anti-bacterial, flame retardant, and can be easily removed for washing. What’s more, there’s no need for additional bed rail guards to be used.

Interested in the Liberta? Then why not try one of our free product trials? We can send a bed to you for you to test out and see for yourself, just get in touch to book yours now!

Liberta Bed Training Video

Watch this video to discover how the Liberta profiling bed works. You’ll learn about the following:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Brakes – 00:17
  • Section 3: Handset Functions – 00:37
  • Section 4: Integral Length Adjustment – 02:23
  • Section 5: Moving the Siderails Up and Down – 03:46
  • Section 6: Removing the Siderails – 04:34
  • Section 7: Removing the Siderail Mesh for Cleaning – 05:05


Type Description Size Download Download Icon
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Innova Beds & Mattresses Brochure 2MB Download


 With 50mm castorsWith 75mm castors
Dimensions:c.103 x 210 cm (depending on wooden surround)c.103 x 210 cm (depending on wooden surround)
Nominal Size of Lying Surface:90 x 205 cm/210 cm/220 cm90 x 205 cm/210 cm/220 cm
Height Adjustment:23 – 80 cm26 – 80 cm
Backrest Adjustment:70°70°
Lower Leg Section Adjustment:
Working Load:225 kg (including all weight on bed)225 kg (including all weight on bed)
Pivoting:max 12°max 12°
Weight: (excluding wooden panel and safety side element)from 125 kgfrom 125 kg
Type of Protection:IPx 4IPx 4
Noise Level:approx. 55 db/Aapprox. 55 db/A
Electrical Connection:230V; 1.6 A; 50 Hz230V; 1.6 A; 50 Hz
Protection Class:according to VDE IIaccording to VDE II
Output Voltage:24 Volt24 Volt