Interlude Bora Med Hospital Bed

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The Interlude Bora Med hospital bed is ideal for intensive or long-term hospital care for adult patients. With high-wearing, rust-resistant castors and a central braking system, the Bora Med is a lightweight hospital bed that is designed for easy transport and to manoeuvre with minimal effort. Sitting at just 240mm from the ground, the Bora Med’s ultra-low profiling position also helps to reduce injuries and minimise the risk from falls.

With built-in double-regression, the Bora Med also reduces pressure in the sacral area – meaning less chance of pressure ulcers. Designed to be lightweight and easy to take apart, the Bora Med is simple to clean down between patients. Carers can remove the head and foot boards with just one hand and can fit safety belts if needed. The Bora Med has four accessory supports on each corner of the frame to give nurses flexibility when caring for patients.

The Bora Med features emergency mechanical Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg functions.

Making Patient Transfers Easier

Specially created to be used in hospitals, clinics and other similar care environments, one of the most significant benefits of the Bora Med is how it makes patient transferring easier. Designed to place the patient in different positions (Horizontal, Fowler, Trendelenburg etc.) with other available emergency pre-programmed positions, the Bora Med enables the caregiver to raise or lower the bed to a height that makes transferring the patient to a seated position, chair or wheelchair easier and more comfortable.

It also allows caregivers to alter and adjust the bed to a better position for the patient’s head and feet. This not only allows for greater movement but also periodic change to the pressure points on the body, thereby improving the patient’s blood circulation while they are in bed. People who are at risk of falling, like those with dementia, often require a hospital bed with the use of half rails to keep them in the bed. The half rails on the Bora Med are designed to concertina in a secure way that avoids the trapping of fingers, as well as helping people in bed or provide a stable and secure item to assist getting out of bed.

Sitting at just 240mm from the ground, the Bora Med's ultra-low profile position helps reduce risk of falls.

Key Features

The Interlude Bora Med Hospital Bed includes the following features:

  • Multifunction pedal with three positions – Steering wheel activation, wheel releasing and beds free moving and wheels blocking.
  • Compass lifting and lowering system with great stability. It has pre-programmed stops to promote the transfer, incorporation and lying down of the patient.
  • The backrest and legs modules synchronise motion, whilst activated, improves the pressures distribution and contributes to the reduction of the PU’s formation. It has bed base auto regression (14cm.)
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning system with tilting possibility in both senses.
  • Low position function, safety system against user falls.
  • Wired patient control to control bed movements.
  • It is possible add electronic components, battery and light under bed, that improve the functionality of the bed.


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Dimensions and Weight Loads 
External Dimensions213 x 101 cm
Height Positions (Low, Med, Max)24 cm, 49 cm, 89 cm
Crane Passing Clearance Height130 mm (100 mm castors), 190 mm (12 mm castors)
Length of Extended Bed Base200 mm
Length of Bed Base Sections720/ 200/ 375/ 505 mm
Width of Bed Base Sections791 mm
Backrest Angle70°
Legrest Angle23°
Footrest Angle18°
Bed Base Double Regression140 mm
Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg15°/ 16°
Maximum Patient Weight180kg
Safe Working Load270kg
Unladen Bed Weight125kg - 150kg
Recommended Mattress Size900 x 190 mm