Take it from us – the Eclipse range looks incredible. Combining excellent aesthetics and superb quality, these electric profiling beds fit into any care and nursing homes with ease. Our Eclipse care beds range can be completely customised to suit any environment, and can include a multitude of features to make sure that they provide exactly what it is the patient needs.

The Eclipse Range – the chameleon of care beds.

Whilst each Eclipse model offers a different, distinct difference, they all still provide a homely aesthetic. Splits into two categories – the Move and the Belvita – Eclipse beds can be fitted with wheels for maximum mobility.

Eclipse Bed

1. Choose Your Model

  1. The Eclipse Belvita Classic is the original, strong, sturdy, homely-looking bed.
  2. The Eclipse Belvita Allova is a sleek, modern version of its sister version, but with a lower mattress platform.
  3. The Eclipse Move Classic has a wheeled base for excellent mobility and manoeuvrability.
  4. The Eclipse Move Allova is ideal for those who need an extra low profiling bed with good manoeuvrability.


2. Choose Your Wood Colour

  • Steamed Beech
  • Country Oak
  • Mocha Piemont Oak
  • Lindberg Oak
  • Natural Chalet Oak
  • Choco Bella Noce
  • White Beech
  • Precious Cherry
  • Sycamore
  • Havanna Cherry

3. Select Your Siderails

Traditional straight undivided siderails or divided siderails can be specified on the Eclipse range of care home beds. The divided siderails are a truly unique option that allow great flexibility. The end section can be lowered whilst the head end can be left raised to allow the user to hold on to it when getting out of bed. The middle can be lowered with the ends left in the upright position, giving a feeling of freedom but still providing some support for safety.

4. Choose Your Mattress Platform

Choose between mesh, wooden slatted, plastic panel, and comfort flex.

5. Select Your Bed End

With 5 different bed ends to choose from, the Eclipse range of beds can blend in to any scenario with ease.

6. Other Options

The final stage in creating your Eclipse range bed is choosing which options to include:

  • Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg tilt
  • Platform section dimension changes
  • Handset holders
  • Battery backup
  • Wall protection wheels
  • Wall spacers
  • Patient lifting poles
  • Patient reading lights
  • Bed transport device
  • Floor lighting



Type Description Size Download Download Icon
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Innova Beds & Mattresses Brochure 2MB Download


 Belvita ClassicBelvita AllovaMove ClassicMove Allova
External Size103 x 209 cm103 x 209 cm103 x 209 cm103 x 209 cm
Internal Size90 x 200 cm90 x 200 cm90 x 200 cm90 x 200 cm
Height Range35 - 80 cm25 - 80 cm35 - 80 cm25 -80 cm
Castor Diameter55 mm55 mm100 mm100 mm