Permobil Power Wheelchairs

Permobil power wheelchairs lead the way in quality, performance, safety, and function. These advanced electric wheelchairs combine the latest technology with a highly configurable seating system. The end result? A range of wheelchairs that assist people with disabilities in all areas of their everyday life.

Our specialist team work with clients – and their OTs, physiotherapists and case managers – to find the right Permobil for their needs. A bespoke wheelchair is an essential aid for living a comfortable, more independent life following personal injury or clinical negligence.

Why Permobil?

We specialise in Permobil power wheelchairs because of the benefits for our clients:

  • Corpus seating system – The unique seat design uses soft fabric and supportive shaping to maximise comfort, positioning and stability.
  • BodyNatural system – Movements from the power seat functions are combined to support natural body movements.
  • Modern design – Everything from the armrests to the frame is carefully designed. A Permobil is sleek – you see the person, not their wheelchair.
  • Flexible and modular – Sizing and components can be adjusted as the client’s needs change. There’s a huge range of accessories for customisation!

Permobil M Series

The M Series is setting a new standard for mid-wheel drive wheelchairs. Custom colours and 20+ accessories are available to really make your Permobil your own!


A fully intuitive mid-wheel power chair:

  • 5 electric seat functions – See, reach and do more with tilt, elevate and recline actions.
  • 3 seat memories – Store your preferences to enable pressure-relieving positions and independent repositioning.
  • Connect your tech – Control your phone, tablet, TV, and even the lights with built-in Bluetooth and infra-red technology.
  • Smooth suspension, steering and drive – Six wheels give excellent traction. Plus, the anti-flutter design ensures stable straight-line driving.


The ultimate outdoor mid-wheel wheelchair. All the benefits of the M3, plus:

  • 12 km/h top speed – Travel further and faster.
  • Agile suspension – Tackle uneven terrains with confidence and comfort. There’s full suspension on all 6 wheels!
  • Superior outdoor capabilities – Climb obstacles up to 90mm with ease.

Permobil F Series

The F Series leads the way for front-wheel drive powerchairs. Choose your 4-way stretch seat fabric and easy-clean paint colour to combine comfort, convenience and style!


A comfortable and compact front-wheel power chair:

  • 5 electric seat functions – See, reach and do more with tilt, elevate and recline actions.
  • Softness meets strength – The backrest enables smooth power recline for users up to 150kg, whilst the two-layer foam cushions maximise immersion.
  • Built for all speeds – Castor wheels give smooth manoeuvrability at low speeds and stability at high speeds.


The all-terrain front-wheel option. All the benefits of the F3, plus:

  • 12 km/h top speed – Travel further and faster.
  • Agile suspension – Built to handle different terrains and longer distances on a regular basis.
  • Superior outdoor capabilities – Climb obstacles up to 80mm with ease.

F5 Vertical Stand

The Vertical Stand edition of the Permobil F5 enables comfortable standing throughout the day, even when driving:

  • Greater independence at home and in public places.
  • Enhanced confidence in social settings.
  • Reduced risk of pressure injuries.
  • Enhanced blood flow, breathing, bladder and bowel functions.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Please contact us for the full specification brochures and advice on choosing the right Permobil model for you. Here are some other handy guides to help you compare different power wheelchairs options!

Work With Industry Experts

Our power wheelchair specialist, Ramsey Hulbert, has over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

He works with individuals, and their support network, to set goals and take accurate measurements before recommending any powerchair models.

Remember, aftercare is just as important as choosing a wheelchair! We stay in touch with our clients to ensure they get the most out of their powerchair for years to come.