Hoist Accessories

Our AirRise hoist unit accessories are great for care environments and even mortuaries. Here are just a few of our most popular patient hoist accessories below, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch with us!

AirRise Remote Handset

Available for any AirRise unit, the remote handset is a handy wire-free control that can be hung around your neck when not in use. What’s more, it uses Bluetooth technology to control the unit, meaning that the carer can give their full attention to the patient as there’s no need to point the remote at the hoist unit.

AirRise Weigh Scale

This high-quality, accurate digital weigh scale fits easily between the spreader bar and the lifting tape of a ceiling track hoist to give a precise reading of weight. This accessory can be used on patients up to 300kg.

AirRise 4-Point Cross Spreader Bar

The 4-Point Cross Spreader Bar is one of our latest developments in the AirRise range. Designed for use with dual hoist units, this spreader bar is a compact option for hospitals, SEN schools, or any other care environment where flexible hoisting is needed. This spreader bar uses loop fixings, giving you more choice of slings to use it with.