Somlent Serene

Never before has a hybrid mattress been so advanced, so innovative, and so versatile.

The Somlent Serene is the world’s first 3 in 1 alternating hybrid mattress. Not only that, but the cells are filled with foam and air. This means that when the pump isn’t attached, the air can flow freely from cell to cell and contour to the shape of the patient’s body. Most astonishingly, the mattress is only 15cm thick, so it conforms with siderail specifications easily.

Never before has a hybrid mattress been so advanced, so innovative, and so versatile.

The 3 in 1 Alternating Hybrid Mattress

When a patient requires greater pressure care, just connect the pump to step the mattress up to an alternating air mattress surface. This minimises delays and eliminates the need to carry out a patient transfer at a time when their condition has deteriorated and they may be experiencing pain and discomfort. Whilst this type of powered hybrid dynamic air mattress system has been shown to promote healing of pressure ulcers, it can also reduce reliance on standard alternating pressure mattresses, reducing costs and space needed for storage. The Somlent Serene is also designed to be cleaned on the ward in the same way as a standard foam mattress, greatly reducing decontamination costs. Bariatric and special size mattresses are also available.

Foam Technology

The integrated foam core in each cell is castellated for the best pressure relief and comfort possible. The air movement is not restricted by a top layer of foam, and less air is required to inflate the cells, allowing the pump to be smaller, quieter, and more efficient. There’s no vibration or motion sickness when the pump is in use, and there are smaller cells at the foot end from improved pressure reduction for the heels and legs.

Thanks to special cut-outs in the foam U-core, the hybrid mattress follows the contour of the bed platform very closely. This stops the mattress from riding up and causing shearing of the skin, and prevents additional pressure on the heels when the bed is profiled. There is an optional waterproof interliner for the U-core available, making the Serene the first hybrid mattress in the world with all the foam fully sealed for infection control and cleanliness!

The Somlent Serene Mattress and Pump

Incredible Feedback

The Somlent Serene is one of our most popular alternating pressure low air loss mattresses because of its versatility and reliability. We get regular positive feedback from our clients on how comfortable and supportive it is, and the Serene has also achieved a high waterlow score of 19 to 22 – need we say more?

Our servicing and maintenance team can keep our clients’ Serene mattresses in top condition, making sure that the pump, foam, and cover are up to spec. Whether it’s in a hospice, hospital, or a private dwelling, our Somlent Serene mattresses are covered.

Somlent Serene Version 1 Training Video

This video shows you how to use the first version of our Somlent Serene hybrid mattress (the model with the manual pump), and covers the following subjects:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Stepping Up the Mattress to a High Risk Surface – 00:31
  • Section 3: Pump Functions – 01:38

Somlent Serene Version 2 Training Video

This video provides training on the second version of our Somlent Serene hybrid mattress (the version with the digital pump). Sections included are as follows:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Using the Mattress Without the Pump – 01:31
  • Section 3: Stepping the Mattress Up to a High Risk Surface – 02:21
  • Section 4: Pump Functions – 03:43
  • Section 5: Unplugging Pipes from the Pump – 05:53


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pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Hospital Equipment Brochure - Beds, Mattresses & Furniture 9MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Somlent Brochure 850KB Download
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pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Somlent Mattresses - Norton & Waterlow Scales 188KB Download


Max User Weight240kg
Length Options1950mm, 2000mm, 2200mm
Width Options850mm, 900mm, 1100mm, 1200mm
Product Weight20kg