UltiLift Through Floor Home Lifts

The UltiLift is the ultimate domestic lift, ideal for private residences.

Installing a home lift is a great way to make your house as accessible as possible. But traditional cabin lift and platform lifts can feel clinical, intrusive and cold. That’s where UltiLift home lifts are different – there’s no need to choose between accessibility, style, and comfort, you can have them all!

The UltiLift is the ultimate domestic lift, ideal for private residences.

This innovative through floor lift provides a bespoke moving and handling solution. You can choose your lift dimensions and get a custom design, allowing the UltiLift to blend seamlessly into any interior. There is a range of options to suit any taste or budget, all complete with the latest safety features.

The UltiLift domestic lift looks stylish in any room of the house

Subtle & Stylish

The UltiLift works using a hydraulic system that can lift and lower the pod in the most peaceful and smooth way possible. Using simple oil pressure, there is no chain or suspension system which makes the UltiLift quiet and energy-efficient. When in use, this eco-friendly domestic lift requires less energy than an iron.

Unlike other home lifts, the UltiLift has no bulky electronic motor or levy systems installed. This saves a lot of space – the most compact style only takes up as much floor space as a shower!

Ultilift transports you safely in a full room rather than a cramped cabin


The passenger car of an UltiLift feels more like a standalone room than an enclosed cabin. This makes moving between floors more relaxing, reducing the risk of accidents caused by panic and stress. The lift can safely move between 1 – 4 floors and can accommodate up to 4 people (250kg/m2).

In the event of a power outage, you can safely operate the lift manually using the in-car controls. Further safety features include soft start and stop for a smooth ride and emergency lighting and telephone.

The UltiLift home lift is suitable for outdoor use

Bespoke & Versatile

The UltiLift offers complete customisation. It comes in five standard sizes, or you can go bespoke to perfectly fit the space available.

Mix and match styles to suit the room’s interior. Choose your door style, interior finish, flooring and more. You can even opt for a glass lift for your home – very modern and elegant!

Suitable for transporting both people and medical equipment, and for indoor and outdoor use, there really is an UltiLift to suit any requirements you might have.

Install a luxury wood finish domestic lift in just a couple of days

Quick & Easy Installation

The UltiLift can be installed in just a few days. Our experienced installation team will arrange to start work on a day that suits you. All you need is one load-bearing wall where the lift can be mounted. We can even accommodate sloped or low ceilings.


Type Description Size Download Download Icon
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Standard Lift SizesDoors (mm)Cabin Dimensions (mm)Shaft Dimensions (mm)
Small (S)7007108409801000
Medium (M)70071010909801250
Large (L)800810129010801450