Hygiene Rooms

Hygiene rooms for children and young people enable schools, colleges and higher education institutions to provide the necessary and practical means for assisted toileting, helping to promote independence, hygiene and dignity.

Unlike a standard accessible toilet, a hygiene room meets the needs of disabled children and young people with complex care needs, providing the additional space required for specialist healthcare equipment and the room for up to two carers to provide assistance when needed.

Making Schools More Accessible

Under Building Bulletin 103, all mainstream schooling must include the provision of accessible toilets for pupils and students, staff or visitors with disabilities. This includes a specialist hygiene room with a fixed or mobile hoist, and space for assistants to change a pupil or student.

In a primary school, a changing bed and accessible toilet is required unless this is included in an adjacent accessible toilet (9m2). For secondary schools, an accessible shower and changing trolley (12m2) must be included.

With reference to SEN Schools, Building Bulletin 104 defines the ratio of toilets and hygiene facilities that must be provided per student. You can also see to full list of equipment needed for a fully-equipped hygiene room here.

Typical Equipment Needed:

  • Overhead room coverage hoist system
  • Height adjustable changing bench
  • Peninsular toilet
  • Privacy screen

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