Permobil X850 All Terrain

The Permobil X850 Corpus 3G is an outdoor/offroad focussed rear-wheel drive powerchair with a powerful motor and robust suspension which allows for safe and stable driving and a top speed of 15km/h.

Permobil X850 All Terrain

The X850 is built for people who demand high performance, with near 4×4 multi all terrain performance.

The X850 is equipped with Electronic Steering Performance, which controls the motor and ensures that you never lose control when taking a corner.

The X850 has several advanced and useful features, such as directional lighting which follows the route ahead, spring-loaded mirrors, and rubber bumpers.


Permobil X850 All Terrain

Permobil Seating system

Also incorporating the Permobil Seating system which completely adapted to the natural form of the body. The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy. Our in-house Permobil expert carries out a home visit for a full in-depth discussion including taking all the necessary measurements to ensure the most perfect fit for you. Once your measurements have been taken, discussions can occur about additional features (if needed) with our expert to create a custom power wheelchair that meets all your personal requirements.

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