Permobil F5 Corpus

The Permobil F5 Corpus is a durable, powerful and stable front wheel drive powerchair combined with advanced Corpus seating which is the ideal chair for users who need mobility for a more active outdoor life as it has a tight turning circle and can drive on varying surfaces as well as over longer distances.

The F5 has the Permobil’s ActiveHeight powered seat lift which enables you to drive at up to 5 km/h while fully elevated and combines seamlessly with Active Reach to give you the ultimate advantage in accessing your environment. With the ActiveReach function the seat tilts forward by up to 45° and raises it to extend functional reach, which brings significant benefit to aid in transfers and your daily activities.

A range of alternative driving controls for non-joystick drivers is available, as well as separate controls for assistants/caregivers. For transport purposes, the upper part of the backrest can be removed to reduce the overall size of the wheelchair.

The included Permobil VoltPro charger and Permobil battery provides 25% more capacity and improves battery lifespan by 50%.

Permobil M5 Corpus

The free MyPermobil App for iOS and Android provides valuable performance and usage data, such as battery status and seat functions.


Permobil Corpus Seating

Also incorporating the Permobil Corpus Seating system which is completely customisable and can be adapted to the natural form of the body which has been proven to help reduce the risk of users developing pressure injuries. It is available with five power seating functions and three programmable seat memories, meaning the users comfort and well-being is totally assured.

The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy.  Our in-house Permobil expert carries out a home visit for a full in-depth discussion including taking all the necessary measurements to ensure the most perfect fit for you.  Once your measurements have been taken, discussions can occur about additional features (if needed) with our expert to create a custom power wheelchair that meets all your personal requirements.

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