Overhead Ceiling Hoist Systems

Ceiling hoists and overhead hoist systems give you a safe, quick way to transfer and move people around. Our AirRise and Airglide360 ranges work perfectly together to provide cutting-edge technology to making hoisting as easy and straightforward as possible.

AirGlide360 Ceiling Hoist Tracking

Just like a train needs tracks to run on, a hoist unit needs hoist tracking to move along. Our Airglide360 track is some of the subtlest, neatest tracking available.

Uniquely, our Airglide360 hoist tracking can be installed inset to the ceiling so it doesn’t have to hang below. This is a great way to keep the space from looking clinical – and it’s particularly infection-control friendly!

The Airglide360 tracking can be used on X-Y systems (otherwise known as a H-frame) to give complete room coverage.

Available in two different sizes, Airglide360 tracking is shaped to provide the smoothest, quietest ride and optimal control when turning corners. With a radius of just 480mm, our curves are available in 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90° models to suit your layout.

Our rail is generally supplied in white, however if you’re looking for a different colour, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hoist Track

Hoist Gates & Transit Couplings

Hoist Gate

In any hoist layout where you will be moving between layouts and rooms, there will be a gate system installed to connect the corresponding rails. Our Airglide360 Transit Coupling uses a clever combination of magnets and sensors to lock the track into place when you go to move between systems.

Just pull the track to the right position and it will lock in place using the magnets. The sensors will detect when you are moving through the coupling and unlock it when you have transferred to the other system.

This is a great way to move between different rooms and tracks. The Transit Coupling gives you a safe and secure way to move patients and clients between areas with ease and dignity.

For more complex overhead hoist track layouts, turntables and track switches can be used to suit multiple routes.

Turntables automatically rotate in the track layout so that you can switch between systems with ease. You can choose between three and four outlet options to make the most of your system.

Track switches are exactly as they sound; they switch between whichever system or route you are wanting to take. The whole system is automatic so that you give your complete attention to the person being hoisted.

Wall Mounted Hoist Systems

If you’re in a place where you don’t have access to the ceiling or your ceiling joists are simply too small to take the weight of a hoist system, then our wall mounted system might be the next best option!

Connected to the wall by wall brackets, this system has flat metal plates with a protruding section which the rails are fastened on to.

One of the main benefits of wall mounted systems is how much less time it takes to install. Whereas with a ceiling mounted track you need to cut or drill through the ceiling to fix the tracking, a wall mounted system simply requires brackets attached to the wall, and then rail is then slotted on to the wall brackets. This takes about half as much time to install as a ceiling mounted system would.

Wall mounted systems are also excellent options in rooms with high ceilings or rooms with coving.

For more information on a how a ceiling track or wall mounted hoist system is installed, read this article.

Wall mounted hoist system

AirRise Hoist Units

Any ceiling track hoist system will need a hoist unit; and our AirRise range are some of the best ones on the market. With built-in quiet, smooth-rolling twin trolleys, our AirRise units can handle any turns or corners with ease and comfort.

The AirRise range also features soft-start and soft-stop technology, meaning that patients and users won’t have to worry about any jerky or unsettling movements. These hoist units are also fitted with Battery Protection Software, which helps keep hoist batteries in prime condition and even tells you when they need charging!

Our AirRise hoist units are available in different models and weight limits. The number on the end reflects the number of kilograms that hoist unit can lift.

Choose between the following:

If you need extra help when moving bariatric patients, there is also the option to include an electric traverse trolley in your hoist unit that will help you to move the unit left and right when there is weight on it. The motor then automatically switches off when there is no weight on the hoist so you can freewheel it back to the desired position.

You can also choose between a 2-point loop spreader bar, 4-point clip-fixing manual spreader bar, and an AirRise Electric 4-Point Spreader Bar to attach to your unit

AirRise Hoist operator handset

Hoist Unit Charging

To make it even easier for people to use, we’ve made it so you can charge your AirRise hoist unit whenever you put the handset in its docking station. This makes it easier than ever to keep your hoist unit powered and ready for whenever it’s needed.

Alternatively, AirRise hoist units can be charged through the track itself if preferred. Simply move the unit under the charging contact, and magnets will lock it into place to charge.

Our clients are given the option of an Innova servicing contract with all AirRise hoist units, keeping them covered for any possible issues. Our servicing and maintenance department can assist with LOLER testing as well as any other necessary annual check-ups.










Max Lift Capacity





Number of lifts per charge

40 @ 120kg

> 40

> 40


Lifting velocity

35mm/sec at 200kg load

50mm/sec at 200kg load

50mm/sec at 200kg load

50mm/sec at 500kg load

Total weight without sling





Electrical connection of charger

220 volts

220-230 volts

220-230 volts

230 Volts

Current between charger/hoist

Max 0.35Ah




Charging time

8 hours

8 hours

8 hours

8-12 hours


2x 12V 2.9Ah

24V 5.2Ah

24V 5.2Ah

4 x 12v 5Ah

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