INO Chair

This INO reclining armchair was developed specifically to offer optimum comfort and customisation to the user. From active sitting posture to reclining position, this comfortable armchair with ergonomic operation quickly adapts to the users’ needs and requirements.

Ino Chair

A chair that allows its many features to be specifically and individually designed to fit around the needs and desires of the occupier including a full ‘care version’ when users need a chair to be more than just a chair.

The INO has a designed, modern look to ensure its clinical purposes is not always the first obvious observation. It is a very light chair to ensure easy manoeuvrability for the user and carer as well as being very maintenance-friendly too. The chair’s sleek design gives it a sense of sophistication while also ensuring a high level of stability. The chair can be designed to ensure that it fits perfectly in with any interior with access to a wide collection of contemporary fabrics so you can add that personal touch to the chair. There are numerous available options and accessories include a tray attachment and coffee table.

The INO chair range comes in 4 different models:

INO Casa

INO Ligna

INO Cura



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