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Waste is a massive problem.
In 2018, only 44.1% of municipal waste was successfully recycled. Low recycling rates can be largely attributed to inadequate infrastructure for processing our rubbish, which has, historically, been sent overseas to countries like China for processing. But with China enacting a ban on foreign paper and plastic waste imports, the UK faces the risk of having a waste treatment capacity shortage of up to 6 million tonnes by 2030
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Fortunately, the UK government has committed to an ambitious 65% municipal recycling rate by 2035, adopting a large part of the European Union’s Circular Economy Package (CEP) into UK law. The initiative also seeks to ensure that no more than 10% of municipal waste ends up in landfills.

To achieve these recycling targets, both households and commercial organisations will have to do their part by accurately segregating their waste. For businesses, sorting the trade waste they produce is a critical component of an effective reuse and recycling system.

UK law also requires businesses to be responsible for their trade waste by properly storing and sorting it. More specifically, businesses are expected to do the following:

Keep waste in a secure area.

PPE Waste Disposal

Covid 19

The spike in ‘single-use’ plastics due to the pandemic has forced us to rethink our attitude to recycling and find a sustainable solution for this kind of waste, which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Single-use PPE masks and gloves are considered “non-recyclable” types of waste in the traditional recycling systems.

Innova provides a recycling solution for all types of single-use PPE, which aren’t recyclable through conventional recycling facilities, for organisations that are looking to offset their impacts and lighten their environmental footprint.

Innova are on the CCS RM6282 Framework

PPE Recycling

The Innova process works as follows:

Recycling Centre

1. Collection

The PPE (such as disposable face masks, visors, disposable gloves, ear plugs, beard snoods, hair nets, safety glasses or disposable garments etc.) are collected via our logistics arm.
Please note: In accordance with legal guidelines, we cannot accept medical waste, such as material contaminated with blood or bodily fluids or wastes from healthcare facilities, hospitals, home care, doctors’ offices, dental offices, blood banks, veterinary clinics, research laboratories, etc.

2. Check in

When the shipment arrives at a dedicated Recycling Centre Facility, it is checked in and weighed.
Our team then visually inspects the waste for visible contamination and consolidates it into a bulk format to be transported for processing at our various third-party facilities that specialise in processing the waste into recycled materials.

3. Recycling

Innova stores and aggregates the collected PPE waste until the necessary volumes for processing have been achieved. The waste is then sorted into categories based on material composition (rubbers, metals, non-woven plastic, elastane, etc.) by utilising a wide array of sorting technologies including manual sortation, size separation, etc.

The different material types are then sent to third-party processing partners that recycle the materials into usable forms (i.e., non-woven plastics are recycled into plastic pellets and granules.)

The metals are manually removed and sent locally for smelting into new bar stock and metal sheeting.

The polypropylene-dominant mixture from the face mask is densified into a crumb-like raw material, and the elastane or rubber band portion is ground into a fine mesh regrind and mixed with recycled plastics. The gloves are processed into a rubberized powder.

Recycling Certificates

Innova customers can request a Certificate of Destruction (or Recycling Certificates) which detail information like weight and type of material received, as well as certify that the material was properly recycled in accordance with the legislation.

If you wish to receive a recycling certificate, please send an email to enquiries@innova.uk.com.

PPE Recycling

Work with a Waste Management Specialist to Analyse Your Waste Streams

Proper waste segregation plays a vital role in any business’s ability to improve its recycling rate and achieve its zero to landfill goals. At Innova, our bespoke waste stream services map out your organisation’s disposal, storage and recycling needs to come up with the best and most efficient waste management solution.

To discuss your business’ waste-management needs and explore your options, arrange a no-obligation waste review. Contact our team today and receive a call within 24 hours.

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