Innova Changing Places Brochure

Innova Changing Places Brochure

Whether you are a beginner to Changing Places or just want to enhance your understanding, we have put together the perfect guide for you in the Innova Changing Places Brochure. Our guide delivers a comprehensive overview of Changing Places toilets, explaining their purpose, design features, and the specific requirements for installation and maintenance.

What's in the brochure?

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1) Overview of Changing Places Toilets

Get a clear understanding of:

  • What Changing Places toilets are
  • Why they are important
  • Overview of modular Changing Places
  • How to build a business case for Changing Places

2) Changing Places Legislation

Receive guidance on the legal requirements and regulations surrounding Changing Places toilets including:

  • Building regulations
  • Doc M layouts
  • Planning applications
  • Which buildings legally require a Changing Places
Lloyds Banking Group Changing Places
Changing Places Design and Installation

3) Changing Places Design and Installation Considerations

Learn best practice for Changing Places room layout and design, including:

  • Example designs and room layouts
  • Checklist for equipment
  • Effective signage (internal and external)
  • How Innova can support your Changing Places installation

4) Changing Places Equipment and Maintenance

Ensure your Changing Places facility has the correct equipment including:

  • Full list of required equipment
  • Overview of each piece of Changing Places equipment
  • Equipment options available
  • Service packages available
Changing Places in Supermarkets
Burnley FC

5) Changing Places Case Studies

Discover the businesses and organisations we have supported including:

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