Stocks Hall Care Home, Mawdesley

Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group were opening a new home in Mawdesley, Lancashire for people who were bariatric and/or had complex physical disabilities (e.g., brain injuries). This new-build care home had been designed to have each wing of the building to suit the varying needs of their residents.

We worked closely with the owners to design flexible and comprehensive overhead hoist systems that would keep the various wings of the home connected. We ended up supplying and installing 20 X-Y hoist systems (all inset to the ceiling) in private rooms, en-suites, and assisted bathrooms to make moving patients as easy as can be.

Project Value:


Key Objectives & Project Scope:

  • A new-build care home for residents who are bariatric or are living with complex physical disabilities.
  • Make the hoist systems as unobtrusive as possible to keep the home feeling comfortable and cosy.
  • Provide good accessibility in private rooms that would allow patients to be moved to any location.
  • Ensure that ceiling track hoist systems are capable of lifting plus-sized people in a safe and dignified way.

Products & Services Provided:

  • 18 inset X-Y overhead hoist systems that connected from the bedroom to the en-suite bathroom
  • 2 inset X-Y overhead hoist systems in assisted bathrooms
  • AirRise200 hoist units
  • AirRise260 hoist units
  • AirRise350 hoist units

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