Disabled Changing Facility

Science Museum Group

The Science Museum Group is a non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, consisting of five British museums.

Amongst those included are the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.

With only 55 registered Changing Places toilets in museums, galleries and art centres in the UK, the Science Museum Group were eager to make their venues open for all, ensuring they were equipped with facilities that catered for different accessibility requirements.

As part of a national strategy, they pinpointed a need for Changing Places toilets at the Museum of Science and Industry, the National Science and Media Museum and the Science Museum in London.

As one of the leading suppliers for Changing Places, they got in contact with us for our experience and expertise in creating accessible toilet and changing facilities for adults and carers.

Working with Resolution Interiors, our team installed specialist equipment such as overhead hoists, wall mounted changing benches and folding privacy screens to achieve registered Changing Places facilities in Bradford and Manchester, while the Science Museum in London is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

The Challenge

For those with disabilities, a day out to a museum or tourist attraction needs to be planned meticulously, to ensure that there are functioning and accessible facilities on route.

Standard accessible toilets are often too small and lack the necessary equipment to meet a variety of visitor needs.

By installing a Changing Places toilet, which are usually larger in scale and have a number of features, such as hoists and electric showers, the Science Museum Group recognised that they could make their venues more inclusive and appeal to a wider range of visitors.

To help them meet their core values of being open to all, we were given the task of designing, installing and registering their new Changing Places toilets.

Despite challenges of working under Covid-19 restrictions, our project delivery and installation team were able to successfully hand over two compliant Changing Places, equipped with the latest specialist healthcare equipment.

Innova’s Solution

In collaboration with Resolution Interiors, our project management team oversaw both projects from start to finish. Whether it was drawing up designs to ensure the facility had the correct dimensions, to installing healthcare equipment such as overhead hoist systems, we delivered Changing Places facilities that allow Science Media Group to offer a more inclusive visitor experience for all.

Equipment installed in Bradford and Manchester:

  • 1 AirRise200 hoist unit and H-frame overhead hoist system to help improve patient accessibility and save caregivers’ time during transfers.
  • 1 Wall Mounted Changing Bench 3000, equipped with handset control for the height adjustment, providing carers an accessible, elevated area to use without needing to bend and strain.
  • 1 Matrix Height-Adjustable Wash Basin to allow users to sit comfortably underneath the basin whilst also being able bear the weight of a standing user.
  • 1 Peninsular Toilet equipped with dropdown grab rails to facilitate wheelchair transfers or assistance from carers.
  • 1 Mira Advance Flex 9kW Thermostatic Electric Shower equipped with easy to use temperature controls and vertical adjustable shower head bar.
  • 1 retractable privacy screen.
  • 1 20” wide paper roll dispenser.
  • 1 hand towel dispenser.
  • 1 soap dispenser.
  • 1 colostomy shelf.
  • 1 full height mirror.
  • 3 coat hooks.
  • 1 sling hook.
  • 1 sanitary waste bin.
  • 1 general waste bin.
  • 1 electric hand dryer.

Client Quote

“One of our aims is to be open for all and the ability to offer Changing Places toilets will allow us to welcome all visitors.”

John Rooney – Operations Manager at the National Science and Media Museum

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