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Sanah Rauf Postural Support

Sanah Rauf – Enhancing Postural Support

Sanah Rauf’s goal is to live more independently. To help that aim become a reality, Sanah required an adapted powered wheelchair that gave additional postural support, giving her more freedom of movement and meant she didn’t need to rely on two people to lift her during transfers.

With the help of Innova’s Powered Wheelchair Specialist, Ramsey Hulbert, Innova have been working with Sanah to create a bespoke solution to meet her needs. From delivering an assessment to pinpoint Sanah’s postural seating needs, to delivering a trial chair for Sanah to test, we’ve been supporting her through every step of her journey to ensure she receives her perfect chair.

Sanah Rauf Postural Support

Sanah with Innova’s Powered Wheelchair Specialist, Ramsey Hulbert

The Challenge

Sanah has a muscle wasting condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Her existing powered wheelchair had limited functionality including a static height, meaning Sanah was stuck in one position when sitting in the chair, reducing her ability to move and leaving her relying on two people to lift her during transfers.

To enhance Sanah’s quality of life and help her have more freedom of movement, she needed a height-adjustable chair, enabling her to transfer independently and carry out daily activities by herself.

Not only did it need to move from low to high, it also needed to facilitate changes in seating position. Whether it was enabling Sanah to stretch her legs or lean backwards, having a chair that allowed for greater movement would make a huge difference to her comfort and quality of life.

With a wealth of experience in postural support and seating adaptations, Innova were the perfect specialists to meet Sanah’s needs.

Innova’s Solution

By undertaking a full postural seating assessment with Sanah, taking all the correct measurements and listening to her key requirements, Innova’s Powered Wheelchair Specialist, Ramsey Hubert, was able to build a bespoke Permobil powered wheelchair with an adjustable height function.

Using a Permobil F3, Ramsey was able to make a series of tailored adaptations to make sure the seating was a perfect fit, as well as incorporating the functions needed to give Sanah more independence.

To ensure it met Sanah’s specific needs, Ramsey scheduled a trial where Sanah could test out the chair at home and in different environments, providing regular feedback so any necessary adjustments could be made.

Sanah Rauf Old Powered Wheelchair

Old powered wheelchair offering only static height

Sanah Rauf Postural Support Powered Wheelchair Client

New bespoke powered wheelchair, with custom seating for postural support and height-adjustable functionality.


“Ramsey’s attention to detail was spot on. The service he provided was 10/10. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. Very pleased and happy. Would recommend. He is very passionate, down to earth and loves his job. It shows through his energy and the way he does the work. Get your dream chair.”
Sanah Rauf Powered Wheelchair Client

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