Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, London

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (RHN) is a charity-run hospital that specialises in the treatment and care for people with disabilities arising from brain injury. The team from RHN first reached out to us in 2015.  They wanted to make their hospital welcoming and visually non-clinical, whilst still providing clinical excellence for their patients.

Innova has worked with them ever since, installing sleek, subtle, and practical equipment across multiple wards.

We were thrilled to give them the solution they had been looking for. Our hidden hoist, the Integralift, and our inset H-frame ceiling track hoists were a perfect combination. Both are specifically designed for safe, comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing moving and handling.


“When the RHN came to us wanting an aesthetically pleasing and relaxed environment, we knew we could help.  Our Integralift and ceiling track hoists systems are designed to be as subtle and quiet as possible, so patients and professionals are not distracted with the noise.

We’re so impressed with the final result, the hoists fit into the rooms perfectly, and we couldn’t be happier with how it went.”

  • Bob Oliver, Commercial & Hoist Specialist

Key Objectives & Project Scope

The key objective of this project was to have patients feel comfortable and welcomed, so a non-clinical feeling was essential.

RHND’s patients are those with severe neurological disabilities, so a calming and relaxing environment was a must for them.

After creating a sense of homeliness, the main goal was to ensure everything was infection control friendly.  The Integralifts in each ward and are wipeable and detergent safe. Plus, the H-Frame hoist system we installed into the shower/bathrooms were inset. This means the track doesn’t protrude from the ceiling. It’s easy to clean and minimal bacteria is gathered.

Our team completed the project in two stages – fully refurbishing the Evitt ward before moving on to the Cathcart ward. This allowed one ward to remain open and caring for patients at all times.

Products & Service Provided

In total, we installed 24 H-Frames and 51 Integralifts to provide a supportive and reassuring environment.

  • Draper Ward – 19 Integralifts and 4 H-Frame Hoist systems
  • Physiotherapy – 6  H-Frame systems
  • Gym – 4 H-Frame systems
  • Harbadashers Ward – 5 H-Frame systems
  • Evitt Ward – 17 Integralifts and 3 H-Frame systems
  • Cathcart Ward – 15 Integralifts and 2 H-Frame systems.

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