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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo​

In August 2022, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo unveiled its brand new modular Changing Places toilet.

Enabling visitors of their annual show to access the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade more easily, the facility was commissioned during the show’s two-year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a key component of the Tattoo’s overall strategy to enhance inclusivity, Changing Place supplier, Innova Care Concepts, were selected through the architect firm, Holmes Miller, to install a modular Changing Place.

This facility needed to not only give those with complex care needs suitable toilet facilities, it also needed to give flexibility to the Tattoo themselves, with a unit that could be transported and used at different events across the country.

Using their wealth of experience in the sector, Innova were able fulfil that need, helping to install a modular Changing Place, including specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable changing bench, to make the Tattoo’s events more inclusive.

Watch our case study video below to see how the new facility will make a difference to visitors at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. 

The Challenge

Following an overview of how they could make their annual festival more accessible, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo put together plans to install a Changing Places toilet. Every year they put in place a temporary grandstand in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle, with a capacity of 8,800 seats.

To accommodate visitors and their families who require specialist changing facilities, they needed an outdoor Changing Place unit. This would be housed within the staging area for the duration of the festival.

Once the event had finished, it then needed to be flexible in structure to be moved to different Tattoo events throughout the year.

Jill Clark at the Military Tattoo stage
The Tattoo needed a Changing Place to be more accessible for those with complex disabilities and their families.

Innova's Solution

Inside Military Tattoo Changing Place
By installing a modular Changing Place, the Tattoo have flexibility to move the unit to different events.

Having worked with Holmes Miller previously, Innova Care Concepts were contacted and selected to provide a modular Changing Place for the Tattoo. Working with the architect and the Tattoo’s event organisers, Innova were able to help support and obtain the relevant building warrants for the new facility, as well as put together a bespoke design that met their specifications.

As the Tattoo needed a facility that could be moved to different locations, Innova were able to provide a modular solution. Through this option, it gave the Tattoo a Changing Place toilet that they could transport to different events throughout year, as well as experiencing  the benefit of having a unit built offsite, minimising disruption whilst their staging area was constructed.

It also gave them added flexibility, as Innova could store the modular unit at their warehouse until the Tattoo were ready to have the Changing Place installed on site.  

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What Innova Installed

Using Innova’s range of modular options for cladding, internal wall panels and flooring, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo were able to choose a design that suited their brand and budget.

Once the design was approved, Innova were able to commission the construction of the modular pod offsite, install the necessary healthcare equipment required in a Changing Place and prepare the services for the unit to be connected.

In order to ensure maximum accessibility on site, the facility and signage were delivered and installed next to the main entrance, enabling users to easily locate the Changing Place toilet.

By installing this facility, people with complex disabilities and their families now have confidence to attend The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in the knowledge that there is a Changing Place facility that they can use.   

See below the list of equipment installed inside the modular Changing Place:


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