Nightingale Hospital North West, Manchester

Named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, Nightingale Hospitals are temporary hospitals set up in 2020 as part of the UK’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

These field hospitals are unique because of how quickly they were constructed. Each one was set up in under a month! Thousands of people have been involved in transforming conference centres, arenas, and other large buildings which were out of use due to lockdown, into critical care hospitals.

Several members of the Innova team volunteered at the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West. We supplied the NHS with almost 1,500 items, so it was natural to help out.  The volunteers have shared their first-hand experiences of what it’s like inside the field hospitals and what is involved in setting them up.


“It was a hugely enlightening experience for me. I don’t think I have ever worked on a site that has had the same level of teamwork and cooperation from all the team members.

We all had the same target in our minds and everyone was working hard to achieve it. We all knuckled down and got on with our jobs, regardless of how tough or tiring it was. All of us were working for the good of our people – this is about saving lives and I think that is what we were all striving for.”

– Warwick Oliver, Project & Sales Assistant

“The atmosphere was excellent! There were so many people on site ranging from soldiers to NHS staff to contractors.  Everyone was very helpful, and the great teamwork was there for all to see.

Mainly, it’s an honour and privilege to know that the equipment we were providing can help save lives. I’m very pleased we are to help out our amazing NHS staff at this critical time.”

– Almanzo Hulbert, Sales Support

Key Objectives & Project Scope

  • The NHS needed a reliable supplier who could source a wide range of equipment to turn the venue into a operational hospital.
  • Delivery of the items was very important, they had to be there as quickly as possible. We delivered rapid, door-to-door delivery.

Products & Service Provided

  • 500 lockable boxes
  • 410 foam mattresses
  • 350 overbed tables
  • 90 hospital beds
  • 50 IV poles
  • 30 pelican pumps
  • 19 kick stools
  • 18 lockable medicine trolleys
  • 18 magnetic whiteboards
  • 3 3-tier trolleys
  • 2 filling cabinets

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