Midland Met Hospital – AirRise Dual Hoist

The Edward Williams Architects-designed Midland Metropolitan University Hospital, in Smethwick, was due to open in 2018 but due to collapse of Carillion in 2018, the 670-bed hospital is now expected to open in 2022, four years behind schedule. As the new contractor, Balfour Beatty will finally complete the project with the new hospital providing about 670 beds, 15 operating theatre suites and offering maternity, children’s and inpatient adult facilities to around half a million people.

The project includes a fully enclosed winter garden and internal car parking on the ground and first floors to create a secure environment for both patients, visitors, and staff. This new facility will take some services from Sandwell and City hospitals.

With all new hospital and care environments, there is an ever-growing requirement to cater for the growth in the number of bariatric patients likely to be admitted. As we know obesity is a global and complex public health concern. It is associated with reduced life expectancy and is a risk factor for a range of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, at least 12 kinds of cancer, liver and respiratory disease as well as covid-19, and can also impact on mental health.

In England about 7 in 10 men are obese or overweight and 6 in 10 women, so overall 3 in 10 of all adults are obese, creating a new and more real demand for bariatric care in hospitals. Midland Met being no different.

AirRise Dual Hoist
AirRise Dual Prototype

Innova’s Expertise

In today’s demanding care environment, large patients are becoming more of a challenge for conventional hoists. With a safe working load of 250kg/39st each, the AirRise Dual is able to cope with the vast majority of patient handling situations up to 500kg/78 stone, which is unrivalled in terms of lifting capacity.

With a typical bariatric patient, you need an extremely capable ceiling hoist system for intensive use, which also is easy to operate and helps to make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike.

A fusion of strength and ergonomics, the AirRise Dual system has been expertly designed with the built-in ability for each hoist to be operated independently of each other to offer a seamless sit to stand transfer.  The dual hoist allows the operator to adjust the hoist to the person’s position gradually at both ends of their body to allow synchronisation of lifting to cope with uneven loading, ensuring maximum safe lifting for bariatric patients.

The heavy duty AirRise Dual has been used throughout the bariatric wards within the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital build to ensure a high quality, safe and respectful patient movement both in lifting and moving through the rail. Complimented with the new Interlude 500 Bariatric bed – this combined system works in harmony ensuring all lifting and transfer situations are catered for.

First Stage Ceiling Track
1st Fix Stage of Ceiling Track being installed at Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Design and Install

To provide the flexibility needed, we utilised our AirRise Dual in a H-System configuration to allow full-room coverage from bedroom to bathroom connecting via two magnetic gates and a turntable. The AirGlide track system, which is equipped with specialist magnetic gates also has the capacity of the upper weight limit of 500kgs, provide seamless transfer from one environment to another, simply by passing a magnetic sensor.

The turntable allows the user to connect to the rooms even if the moving rail was on a different axis to another. The H-Frame System (otherwise known as XY Systems) consist of two parallel track lengths that cover the length of a room. One perpendicular track is then suspended from these lengths allowing the hoist to traverse to any location in the room.

1st Fix Stage of Ceiling Track being installed at Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Our Magnetic Gate is integrated into the tracking system and ensures safe transfer moving from tracking in one room to another. When the two track ends meet, the gate locks them into place and opens a pathway. This allows a smooth, seamless and safe transfer from one room to another.

The standard features are:

  • An advanced battery protection system
  • Auto stand-by when not used for a while
  • No power consumption in stand-by
  • Slow start and stop function for high lifting comfort
  • Extremely low noise in use
  • Prepared for an electric spreader bar
  • Charged by hand control, using a magnetic wall charger
  • Individually adapted to width of load
  • Low maintenance
  • Range of bariatric slings are available on request
  • Appropriate slings are available

Sturdy and robust, yet incredibly versatile, the AirRise Dual has an impressive safe working load of 500kg/78st and meets the unique demands of bariatric care in today’s modern healthcare environment.

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