Mary Stevens Hospice

Mary Stevens Hospice had worked with us prior to this project for pieces of loose furniture and chairs. They were undergoing a 10-bed refurbishment and needed someone to supply and install some very unique hoist systems. As we had already with the hospice and KKE Architects, we were brought it to see what we could do.

Our team worked very closely with the architects to design bespoke X-Y systems for each room that were side-mounted with a built-in cupboard that could hide the hoist unit when it wasn’t in use.

Project Value:


Key Objective & Project Scope:

  • 10-bed refurbishment needing overhead hoist systems that provided full room coverage.
  • Hoist units should be easily hidden when not in use to maintain a homely, comfortable feel.
  • The hoist system could not be mounted into the ceilings.

Products & Services Provided:

  • 10 bespoke wall-mounted X-Y hoist systems using Airglide360 track
  • Made-to-measure fitted furniture and cabinetry to hide the hoist unit
  • 10 Robin hoist units

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