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Herlev Hospital – Bed Washing System

Famous for being Denmark’s tallest building (390 ft tall), Herlev Hospital has undergone a vast number of changes to enhance the quality of care that they provide.

Alongside the construction of two new buildings at the site, containing an emergency room, maternity ward, a paediatric ward and almost 300 single-bed rooms, Herlev Hospital have also added a new wing to their existing hospital.

Prior to construction taking place in 2014, the hospital went through a full process to identify the most efficient way of cleaning the beds for their new wing, with a particular focus on sustainability and infection prevention.

With the help of Innova’s partner, Weber Hospital Systems, Herlev Hospital found a solution – the Bed Washing System!

The hospital selected a bespoke package that featured two Bed Washing Systems with an automated storage area, providing a capacity for more than 130 beds with mattresses.

After these facilities were installed, Herlev Hospital made history by becoming the first hospital in the world to fully automate the storing, cleaning and disinfection of their hospital beds.

Watch our video below to see the Bed Washing System in action!

The Challenge

During the planning stages for their new wing, Herlev Hospital underwent a thorough review of finding out what they could do to improve their cleaning and disinfection processes for hospital beds.

Their previous method of cleaning was by hand, taking around 15 minutes to clean one hospital bed and mattress.

With an 800-bed hospital, they needed a quicker and more efficient system in place that could clean around 300 beds per day.

Not only did the new process need to reduce the time it took to clean a bed and mattress, it also needed to be environmentally friendly, helping to meet Herlev’s goals for sustainability.

Bed Washing System mattress lift
The Bed Washing System is the only system on the market that can clean and disinfect IPX4 (non-washable) beds.

There was also a requirement for a storage area to store cleaned beds before use, as well as a ‘fast lane’ that bypassed the storage process if beds needed to be cleaned urgently.

The Solution

Following a number of consultations and planning meetings with Herlev Hospital, Innova’s partner, Weber Hospital Systems, were able to meet their infection prevention and sustainability requirements with a bespoke Bed Washing System package.

By installing two Bed Washing Systems, Herlev Hospital now have a process in place that can effectively clean and disinfect 300 beds per day.

Using just steam, and no other chemicals or detergents, the Bed Washing System produces steam at high temperature (minimum 165°C) and high pressure (7 bar) to provide unrivalled cleaning power.

Bed Washing System input
Unlike manual cleaning, the cleaning process can be reproduced and validated as the Bed Washing System always follows the same program

As a result, beds can be washed, dried, and ready for patient use in just 6 minutes, with no manual cleaning required.

This has brought about a huge increase in efficiency of Herlev Hospital’s bed washing process, with a 15 minute bed turnaround using the systems.

It has also meant that they have reduced their bed maintenance staff by 20%, helping to reduce costs and ensuring nursing staff can spend more time caring for a patient.

In addition to the Bed Washing Systems, there was also a storage area installed that can accommodate more than 130 clean beds and mattresses.

Herlev Hospital also have a ‘fast lane’, where beds that need urgent cleaning can be fast tracked, bypassing the waiting area and are cleaned immediately.

Bed Washing System bed checks
Hospital beds can be washed, dried, and ready for patient use in 6 minutes – no manual cleaning required.

With the additions of a storage area and ‘fast lane’ to support two Bed Washing Systems, Herlev Hospital are now the first hospital in the world to fully automate their bed washing process.

  • Two Bed Washing Systems to help clean and disinfect 300 beds per day.
  • Storage area to store cleaned beds before use with a storage capacity for more than 130 beds with mattresses.
  • Bespoke ‘fast lane’ that bypasses the storage process if beds needs to be cleaned urgently.


“Cleaning and disinfecting hospital beds, mattresses and other equipment requires disruptive technology to improve patient safety. By incorporating the Bed Washing System within their facility, Herlev Hospital are taking major steps to achieve this. With this total setup, they have reduced the heavy physical labour for employees in hospitals, as well as delivering a sustainable solution to clean and disinfect their beds.”

Sander Hummeling, Co-owner and CCO at Weber Hospital Systems

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