Hamnavoe House, Orkney Islands

Hamnavoe House is a newly built care home in Stromness, Orkney Islands. Orkney Council wanted to build a modern care home – one with the latest equipment to help care for residents now and well into the future. So, our advanced ceiling track hoist systems were ideal!

To better understand the needs of Hamnavoe House, we delivered professional consultation and design services. This ensured that the various hoist systems fitted provided everything the care home staff and residents needed.


“Working up in Orkney provides some unique challenges, it’s a beautiful place but it’s remote and a long way from the Innova offices! Luckily, we were working with some great contractors. They were a local firm, so communication was always open and everything ran smoothly.

“The end result is a really modern care home that can support the local community for many years. It’s been brilliant; being able to deliver a remote project so well really goes to show the strength of the team and the systems we’ve got in place. We’re pleased that our hoist systems will help Hamnavoe House to accommodate residents with a wide range of needs.”

  • Bob Oliver, Projects Director

Key Objectives & Project Scope

  • To future proof the care home
  • Offer care to a diverse range of residents with equipment adaptable and suitable for all.

Products & Service Provided

In total, we installed 46 hoist systems to provide maximum coverage in rooms throughout the home.

  • 40 monorail systems in private bedrooms
  • Four single H-frame systems in assisted bathrooms
  • Two double H-frame systems in bariatric suites

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