Chase Farm Hospital

At Chase Farm Hospital we installed multiple hoist systems at the newly re-developed Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, which has just celebrated being ranked one of the most “digitally advanced” hospitals in the UK!

As part of the Royal Free London Group, Chase Farm was chosen by NHS England in 2016 to benefit from its Global Digital Exemplar programme that saw hospitals all over the UK embrace and implement new technology to provide better quality healthcare.

This entailed investing in new equipment that could make life easier for both patients and healthcare professionals at the hospital. This was where we stepped in.


“When we found out that Chase Farm was aiming to become a digitally advanced hospital, we knew our hoist systems would be perfect. We’ve developed our hoists to be as autonomous as possible so that healthcare professionals can focus solely on the patient and their needs whilst using the hoist.

“The end result at Chase Farm is really stunning. You barely notice the hoist in the room; the entire hospital just feels incredibly cutting-edge and we’re happy to have played a part in it.”

  • Bob Oliver, Projects Director

Key Objectives & Project Scope

To create a digitally advanced, future-proofed, stage 6 status hospital.

Products & Service Provided

3 AirRise350 hoists

Inset H-Frames in the bedrooms connecting to the en-suite

Inset turntables to allow coverage of both the toilet and the shower

AR260 into the changing place facility

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