Turf Moor Football Stadium, Burnley

Burnley have decided to expand the Jimmy McIlroy stand to include two new three-level wheelchair seating areas that will give fans a full view of the pitch and shelter from the rain on match days. The Innova Changing Place is situated on the ground floor of one of these new extensions and is easily accessible for the whole stand.

With more pressure being put on Premier League football clubs for their lack of disabled facilities, Burnley is going above and beyond to ensure that both home and away disabled supporters have their needs met in these new facilities.


“At Burnley, our motto is very much ‘do the right thing’. We’re not dragging our heels when it comes to making our stadium more accessible – we’re doing it because we genuinely want disabled supporters to have everything they could possibly need when they come to Turf Moor.

“Installing a Changing Place is just one step in making our stadium better-equipped for both home and away supporters.”

  • Doug Metcalf, Stadium & Operations Manager

“The progress that Burnley is making in the way of accessibility is very impressive; this level of thought and care should be embraced by football clubs all over the UK.

“It also just goes to show how important it is that Changing Places be installed not only in football stadiums – but in all kinds of public facilities. They’re an investment in your building and your customers’ quality of life.”

  • Bob Oliver, Projects Director

Key Objectives & Project Scope

  • The key objective was to create new seating areas fitted with permanent seating, so disabled fans can still enjoy the game with their friends and family.
  • Provide protection and a sheltered area, where the disabled supporters will be able to see the entire pitch.

Products & Service Provided

We supplied and installed our Changing Places package, which includes;

  • Overhead hoist system
  • Hight-adjustable changing bench
  • Hight-adjustable washbasin

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