Aidan Harris, Bathroom & Lift Installation

One of our clients, Aidan, was unable to move between floors in his home. Accessing the bathroom was difficult and Aidan had to receive lots of support from his parents and carers to carry out everyday tasks.

After several assessments and home visits, Jason, an Equipment Specialist in our case management team, was able to recommend a specialist solution tailored to Aidan’s needs.

The goal was to help Aidan to manage daily tasks for himself and allow for rehabilitation at home, whilst maintaining the comfortable look and feel of the family home. We worked closely with Aidan, his parents and his Occupational Therapist to install a range of bespoke fitted equipment – including a wash/dry toilet, height-adjustable sink, shower chair, body dryer, and through-floor lift complete with a custom
fairytale inspired interior!

We are so pleased with the finished result and the positive difference it has made for Aidan and his family.

Project Value


Key Objectives & Project Scope

  • An accessible home with a modern feel.
  • Full bathroom fit-out and a bespoke through floor lift.
  • The most important goal was to give Aidan the independence to manage daily tasks for himself.

Products & Services Provided

  • 1 electric height-adjustable washbasin, with safe touch mixer tap.
  • 1 height-adjustable shower seat, with foldable arms and seat.
  • 1 Aquaclean 8000 wash dry toilet.
  • 1 Baleno body drier.
  • 1 XXL UltiLift, with custom artwork.
  • Assessment visits.
  • Project management.
  • Installation for all equipment.

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