Your Guide On How to Improve The Aesthetics of Patient Lifting Hoists

In this modern age, it is clear to see that aesthetics have become an extremely important factor to all sorts of products. Here at Innova, we full-heartedly agree with this new way of thinking, and believe that care environments should feel comfortable and calming, not cold and clinical. So, how can the aesthetics of patient lifting hoists be improved to create a better environment?

Method 1

Inset Track:


The Innova Airglide360 track system can be easily blended into the surroundings by in-setting the track. This makes a huge difference as the track does not visually obscure the area, giving a much less clinical finish. As far as we know, the Airglide360 track system is the only hoist system available that you can inset all the components into the ceiling.

There are various components that make the Innova Airglide360 track system so simple and effective, such as:

The patent Innova Airglide360 transit couplings enable you to easily position the track correctly, as the magnetic attraction between the moving and fixed rail locates it for you. Automatically, the track locks and stays locked throughout the hoist unit gliding through onto the fixed rail. It then independently unlocks itself once you have placed the lifter back onto the X-Y system.

The Innova track switch works in a streamlined procedure, ensuring the transfer runs much more smoothly than other track switches. When you wish to change the direction, simply pause for 2 seconds before moving onto the switch and then the track will move automatically. This frees up the carers time, allowing them to focus more on caring for the client rather than moving the track.

Our innovative design concept for our turntable provides a much easier process compared to the old-style turntables. Simply move the hoist unit onto the turntable, and pause briefly then the turntable moves around. The Innova Airglide360 turntable is available in both three and four-way versions, with a default movement of a 90 degree angle. The angle can be adjusted to meeting the requirements of special situations.

For full details of all the components please visit the Airglide Hoist Track sections of our website.

Method 2

The Integralift Hoist:


The Innova Integralift Hoist is the perfect patient lifting solution, offering a unique design that folds away neatly into fitted cabinets. This enables the hoist to be out of sight when not in use, giving the finished appearance of just being part of the furniture. This innovative product helps provide a calming environment for the patient as well as being user-friendly, without coming across as cold and clinical. The Integralift is highly configurable as it is suited to virtually any environment, from a domestic setting to a hospital ward.

Method 3

Stowaway Cupboard:


A stowaway cupboard storage concept is a great way of hiding ceiling track hoists when they’re not in use. We simply run the track into a cupboard, allowing the hoist unit to be moved inside and the door to be closed. All charging facilities can be located inside the cupboard as well, meaning that the hoist is always on charge when not in use! This provides a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance, freeing up space and creating a much more comfortable environment.

Here at Innova, we have a combined experience of 200 years within the healthcare sector. We build on our extensive knowledge to create innovative products that have never been seen before, providing our users with the ultimate caring environment. We pride ourselves on having an equal balance of function and aesthetics across all of our products, and strive to improve the end users’ quality of life.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at Innova, we love to hear what you have to say and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Give us a call on 0345 034 1450 or drop us an email at For more details on how to make an overhead hoisting system look nice, read this blog post.

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