How can hospitals prepare for bariatric patients?

The number of bariatric patients is increasing dramatically year-on-year across the UK.

You only have to glance at the statistics to see that there has been a significant rise, as is stated here: “Hospitals in England reported 11,740 inpatient admissions with a primary diagnosis of obesity in 2011/12, analysis from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). This is triple the number recorded five years earlier (3,860 in 2006/07)”.

Looking at these figures, we see a clear example of how hospitals may not be prepared for the increase of Bariatric patients in the near future.

“The report also shows that fewer than two in five adults (37 per cent) in England are classed as a ‘normal’ weight according to Body Mass Index (BMI).”

This phenomenal figure rains home the realisation that hospitals may not be prepared for the number of admissions, and that this issue needs to be taken seriously within hospitals.

Unfortunately, even though this is recognised as a national threat, manufacturers are not innovating and changing bariatric products quickly enough to meet the growing need of the user and organisations.

Many products have an old fashioned exterior and lack extensive functionality which is available on other standard health care equipment. Bariatric products are often seen as bulky, uncomfortable and unattractive.

Here at Innova Care Concepts, we are working long and hard to meet the need of this ever increasing section of healthcare. We are actively focussing time and resources to innovate in bariatric equipment.

airrise-main-banner-copy copy

From this hard work, we have launched a world’s first – a single unit hoist with a half a ton weight limit – The AirRise500.

Its casing is compact and great looking, and with the twin wheeled trolley and soft-start soft-stop technology, it is also smooth and comfortable for the user.

We are proud to announce that it has passed all stringent weight and quality tests with flying colours.

As with all of our AirRise hoists, this unit adopts the Advanced Battery Protection system, which is proven to considerably reduce on-going maintenance costs.

We are proud of what we have produced, however, we will not stop there. The Innova team are constantly working on other products and striving to innovate in the Bariatric Healthcare Equipment Sector.

For more information about our AirRise500 or any other products Innova provide, contact the team today on 0345 034 1450 or visit our website.

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