The Importance Of Innovation In Hospice Care

Hospices in the UK offer care and compassion to over 120,000 people with life limiting and terminal conditions such as cancer, motor neurone disease, cardio-vascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease every year. When you factor in the additional support for family members and loved ones, that figure rises to over 360,000 a year. As the number of people suffering from these conditions rises due to increases in life expectancy and increases in young adults living with life-limiting conditions, so does the need and demand for more hospice care.

Unless you’ve had experience of hospice care first hand you may not be aware that many are charities or funded by local communities and support groups. In fact only 32% of funding for hospices comes from the government, yet it’s estimated that collectively charitable hospices need to raise a whopping £1.9 million to survive![1]

Hospices are an important part of the care network, providing peaceful and comfortable conditions not just for patients, but also for loved ones. While a hospice needs to provide a calmer and more homely environment to patients, it is also vital that a hospice is equipped with the same sort of high end care equipment as a hospital so that it may provide the palliative support needed to the patient. These demands combined create unique challenges due to the complexity of palliative care needs. When medical requirements are taken into consideration along with the need for comfort and homeliness rarely seen in hospitals and care homes it can be difficult to find a solution that fits both of these important yet seemingly conflicting criteria.

At Innova we genuinely care about hospices and believe they deserve better. That’s why we want to help by sharing our ideas, experience and innovation to help create the perfect care environment. We assist with advice on themes, décor and layouts as well as suggesting suitable products from our range of hospice care products, all of which have been tried tested and proven in a hospice or designed with hospices in mind. The Innova Hospice Equipment brochure contains all of the products we’ve designed with hospices in mind including:

hospice chairThe Arene Rise and Recline Chair Range 
wouldn’t look out of place in a living room, despite the fact that all the chairs in the range incorporate a number of technical features for practicality and comfort including: a push button drop arm option, tilt in space, pressure relief options, backrest options, and even a wheeled mobile version!

hidden hoist

The Integralift Hidden Hoist is a unique Innova lifting solution, designed to subtly fold away into a integrated and discrete cabinet when not in use, leaving the environment uncluttered and welcoming.

hospice beds

The Eclipse Bed Range is designed with both style and comfort in mind, but don’t let its looks deceive you. The superb build quality and stylish design combines with unique features such as side split rails to surpass the expectations of any discerning care staff.

We’ve spent the past few years working with many hospices across the UK, and in that time we’ve learnt much about what they do and how they work. That’s why we’ve developed our innovative product range specifically with hospices in mind. As a result, Innova has become the UK’s leading hospice equipment provider. We provide a full range of support and training with our friendly and approachable team and full backup aftersales support to include maintenance, servicing and free staff training. To discuss your needs or for more information call us on 0345 034 1450 or drop us an email at


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