Specifying ceiling track patient lifting hoists

Making an essential decision about something you’re not familiar with can be a daunting subject.

In this case, if you’re specifying a ceiling track lifting hoist for the first time, there are no doubt some questions that you’ll need to ask. The team at Innova® has put together the most common questions we’ve been asked to help you get a head start.

How is a ceiling track hoist installed?

There are many different methods of installation dependent on the structure of the room the system is being installed into. This includes systems being installed to the ceiling using unistrut spanning above timber joists, unistrut attached to concrete pad sections, wall mount with brackets attached to the walls or even wall posrs which transfer the weight of the system into the floor.

(Unistrut: the structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support, often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components).

What distance should there be between fixings?

The distance between fixings depends on the weight that the systems is designed to take. As a general guide, for a 200kg weight limit system, the recommended distance between the fixing point is 2 metres.

Can a hoist be used in humid areas such as swimming pools?

Yes. However, it is absolutely essential that your Innova® dealer is informed when specifying the system to ensure the correct fittings are used. The PCBs for the hoist unit should also be treated during manufacture. The hoist unit or the handset cannot be submerged in water. Current IEE guidelines must be adhered to in relation to the placing of electrical outputs.

(PCB – Printed circuit board).

How is the installation weight tested?

Innova® recommends a weight test to 1.5 times the safe working load. This is carried out by the installation team upon installation and again every time the product is serviced to ensure maximum safety.

What are the recommended track layouts?

Recommended track layouts for bedrooms and ensuites can be seen here: https://www.innovacareconcepts.com/how-to-get-the-most-efficient-and-practical-overhead-ceiling-track-hoist-layout-2/

Can anyone install a ceiling hoist system?

No. Only engineers who have undertaken and passed an Innova® training course are able to install these systems. This is to ensure that the finished installation is completely safe for the end user.

What power supply is required?

All Innova® hoists require a power supply for charging. Components such as turntables, track switches and transit couplings also require a power supply.

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