Völker chooses Innova as exclusive UK suppliers

Innova Care Concepts is very happy to announce that we have partnered with Völker (also known as Volker or Voelker) to become the exclusive UK supplier of their hospital beds.

Based in Germany, Volker has been designing and manufacturing high-quality healthcare equipment for over 100 years. From bedside cabinets and overbed tables to some of the most cutting-edge hospital beds on the market today, Volker is a sought-after and well-regarded brand by many in the healthcare sector.

The German company chose to partner with Innova because of our growing presence in the marketplace and our passion for finding the most innovative products available.

Innova’s Sales Director, Joe Hulbert, said:

“It seems like the perfect fit for Innova to partner up with Volker. We pride ourselves in finding and supplying the most innovative healthcare equipment in the world – and Volker creates some of the most innovative hospital beds in the world.

“We’ve already seen great interest in the Volker range, and we look forward to introducing the beds to healthcare environments around the country.”

Joe Hulbert stood with some Volker beds in our warehouse ready to be delivered
Our Sales Director and Bed Specialist Joe Hulbert with several Volker beds ready to be delivered to a hospice in South Yorkshire.

We are already supplying the Volker range to Spire hospitals and hospices, and we are also trialling the beds at various other hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country.

The Volker range has been designed to bridge the gap between typical hospital beds and acute care beds that tend to look homelier. This is particularly good for hospices and other care environments where décor and comfort are key.

Tom Hulbert, Managing Director of Innova said:

“Volker has designed a range of cutting-edge beds where the design fits into any healthcare environment without it feeling too clinical. That’s exactly what we want to offer to patients – we don’t want them to be intimidated by the equipment.

“By becoming exclusive UK distributors of Volker hospital beds, it helps us to achieve our vision of becoming the most sought-after brand in the healthcare sector.”

We will now supply the Volker S964 low bed, S962-2, and the Vis-à-Vis exclusively within the UK.

The S964 low bed goes down to just 29.5cm from the ground making it a great option for places where falls from bed are a key concern. It can also be supplied in a 100cm wide version for plus-sized patients.

A Volker S964 hospital bed in a hospital ward
The Volker S964 goes down to just 29.5cm from the ground, which is a great way to stop any serious injuries that are caused by falling out of bed.

The S962-2 is a particularly interesting bed because it has been designed to be especially quiet – which is great for palliative care and critical care facilities. It’s also been designed to be very easy to clean so that you can maintain infection control standards.

The Volker Vis-à-Vis is one of the most unique hospital beds because it splits apart at the middle so that the headend of the bed can move across and become a chair! This then helps patients come to a standing or seated position safely and independently.

If you want to find out more about the Volker range or other hospital equipment we supply, get in touch!