Introducing the Interlude Newcare V3

We took a long, hard look at our Interlude Newcare Basic and Newcare Advance hospital bed models. We saw where they excelled and where they could be built on. In true Innova fashion, we went back to the drawing board.

The result is our Newcare V3 – the Swiss Army Knife of hospital beds.

Newcare V3 (3)

Being one of the most feature-rich models available, the V3 has every feature you could possibly need to ensure excellent, efficient, functionality for both the client and the carer. From an increased safe working load, through to the re-modelled siderails that offer better access to below the bed, the V3 is the best multi-purpose hospital bed available.

You’re in Control

The V3 embodies cutting-edge technology and design to create a new approach to user-friendliness, meaning that both the carer and the patient will benefit from this multi-faceted masterpiece. The new side control design allows the patient to choose their own headrest, knee brake, and height adjustment – it even has a get out of bed button. The foot end controls have also evolved to make it easier for nurses to take control and lock the side control functions, and it includes six preset positions. This bed can truly cater to any needs.


Like a Swiss Army Knife, we wanted the V3 to be all you could possibly need for easy, efficient patientcare. The V3 siderails have been redesigned and remodelled to fall softly, and they’re thicker and more robust now. You can still easily access underneath the bed, because the siderails don’t take up much space at all so that hoists can be used with the V3. There’s even a light to show when the siderails are locked in the correct position.

Positioning and Hygiene

We’ve improved the ergonomics of the V3 to include a better shaped headboard and footboard, as well as curved ends for a smarter look. We’ve taken it to the next level with convenience by having a one-handle release for the headboard, making it easier to take off for procedures and cleaning. We’ve popped in a one-handed length adjustment feature too just for good measure. Moreover, the headrest and knee brake are sturdy as ever as they both include double auto-regression to allow the user to be repositioned without having to worry about the mattress sliding all over the place.

The Newcare V3 is easier to clean that the preceding models, with an improved linen tray with an extending bar. There’s also an improved HPL mattress platform for better infection control.


What’s more, the mattress platform is now height adjustable between 40cm and 80cm. The brake pedal is miles better, and there’s central braking for extra control. You have the choice of single castor wheels (158mm) or double castors. The corner bumpers have also been reworked so that walls are no longer an issue!

The CPR functions have also been worked on for the use of the caregiver; they’re now more visible and accessible, and the controls are electric for faster functions.

The V3 has undergone rigorous testing to make sure that every component is as efficient and responsive as possible, and so it can accommodate the patient in almost every way imaginable.

So, what are you waiting for?

The V3 is dying to meet you.

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