Innova’s Own Pink Panther

We realise that in healthcare, apparatus often sacrifices appearance to make way for functionality. This is an unfortunate tradition that Innova has been challenging and changing for some time now. And our latest product is no different.

When it comes to patient care, we believe that the appearance of the equipment is crucial to maintaining and improving the individual’s quality of life. Nobody wants their patients to feel downtrodden and restricted by the sheer aesthetics of the apparatus. In fact, we want to complete opposite. We want our equipment to enhance the user’s experience.

20161017-Innova-Liberta-Tennis-net-Photo COMPRESSED

And like the story of our Integralift, the idea of this new product all began over a nice cold beer. Granted, we’d just played a tense game of tennis and the beer was well-deserved, we seem to find a lot of our innovation when a cold can is in hand! We sat on deckchairs and then the idea struck us – a way of relieving this trapped feeling for patients who spend many hours in bed. It’s revolutionary, and we know how much of a difference it will make. Our development is freedom redefined, and it opens the door to new ways of seeing things. We were so excited to be revolutionising the market, and we had planned to reveal all our hard work at the Hospice UK Conference.

Then, it just disappeared.

We’re not sure what happened, we don’t know if someone left the door open and our product mysteriously slipped away. But one thing we do know is that we’re getting it back, because we’ve hired the one and only Inspector Clouseau to do the job!

We know what’s he’s like; we know the story. Alright, he might not have had much luck with the Pink Panther – but our product is a bit bigger than some shiny rock. Surely this hapless chap can get his hands on our pioneering product?

Or maybe we should have splashed out and hired Sherlock Holmes instead?

Keep your fingers crossed and follow the Inspector’s adventures on our Facebook and Twitter!

20161017-Innova-Liberta Teaser Photo