Innova Wins 3 Hospital Bed Contracts Within 10 Days

Innova Care Concepts is thrilled to announce that we have been chosen to supply beds to 3 different NHS hospitals through the United Kingdom. All 3 of these agreements came within the space of just 10 days.

We were first contacted through the NHS Supply Chain by Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey. They invited us to visit them and demonstrate our LowLine bed, which they then trialled in their hospital with resounding feedback and success. The LowLine was the only bed with removable ends and a CPR option – both of which were key things the hospital was looking for. The hospital was so impressed by our product, they have made us their chosen supplier on the NHS Framework.

That same week, we were also chosen to supply LowLine beds to Harrogate Hospital who had trialled it 3 months prior. With their emphasis being on infection control and maintenance, they chose the LowLine because of how easy it is to use and how low it goes from the floor. They have also expressed an intent to purchase more LowLines from us in the future.

The LowLine can descend to just 10cm from the ground.

Joe Hulbert, our Sales Director, said:

“It’s a tremendous achievement to become an approved NHS framework agreement partner; but to have 3 agreements like this in such a short span of time is simply incredible! In this case, our LowLine bed has been selected by all 3 hospitals.

“We came up with a custom solution that would suit anything from patients at the end of life, through to individuals in mental health wards. The fact that our beds will be used at locations nationwide and even offshore is testament to the fact that hospitals are now looking to invest in more reliable, high quality equipment that will suit their patients’ needs.”

Joe Hulbert with a LowLine bed.

Our final tender came from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, who we had got in contact with regarding their mental health hospital. The Trust expressed that they’d had many problems with low beds previously, including entrapment. We demonstrated the LowLine to them, and they were particularly impressed with how low it goes and how small the risk of entrapment is. We came up with a completely unique solution for them which included padded bed ends and a special double overlay.

This isn’t the first time we’ve supplied our innovative products to hospitals this year; 2017 has also seen us provide a range of customised beds to private hospital groups across the country. We’ve had excellent feedback from them so far, and we look forward to becoming the leading beds and mattress supplier to hospitals everywhere in the country.