Innova @ IHEEM Healthcare Estates 2016

20161007-Innova-HCE wall vinyl

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) constantly keeps us on our toes when it comes to technological advances in the world of healthcare. By holding the Healthcare Estates conference and exhibition annually, IHEEM gives us a chance as a pioneering patient care equipment provider to introduce our products to a wide range of people. It’s safe to say that we always manage to impress someone at a Healthcare Estates meet-up!

20161007-Innova-HCE2016 Stand20161007-Innova-HCE 2016 hoist

This year we took our AirRise200, 260, and 500 hoist units, as well as our Integralift hidden hoist, which always manages to entice quite a few people to our stand. We also took our Interlude HiTech bed, which uses a 3-column height adjustment system to tilt the bed laterally. We had a great time showing people what it is that we develop and create – it’s good to know that we’re changing healthcare for the better.

20161007-Innova-HCE 2016 Clock20161007-Innova-HCE 2016 Wine

But a lot of compliments we weren’t expecting to receive were due to the lovely red wine we were serving in the afternoon! We always love exhibiting at Manchester Central – it’s in the middle a city renowned for authenticity and creative genius, something we at Innova wish to emulate and include with every step forward we make.

20161007-Innova-HCE2016 briefcase and wall

And finally the lucky winner of our briefcase competition was revealed at the end of the exhibition. Well done to Martha McSweeney from Frankham Architects! Your new briefcase will be with you soon.