Finding the best patient lifting hoist solution

In this day and age, aesthetics are becoming more and more important. And rightly so, too – care environments shouldn’t feel cold and clinical.

Ceiling track, overhead hoists, or other patient lifting devices are often very necessary equipment in hospitals, hospices, private dwellings, nursing homes, and anywhere where patient care is required. The key to designing a homely care environment with these facilities is either to specify equipment that blends into the décor or to work to make the equipment add to the interior of the room, rather than detract from it.

So how can the aesthetics of patient lifting hoists be improved?

Method # 1: Inset track:

The Innova Airglide360 track system can be inset into the ceiling, helping it to blend in with the surroundings. In-setting the track really does make a difference – it looks great! You can find out more about the Innova Airglide360 rail system here.

In-set track2

Method # 2: The Integralift™ hoist:

We’d be stupid if we didn’t mention the Innova Integralift hoist! It’s a unique patient lifting solution that folds neatly away into fitted cabinets when not in use, looking just like part of the furniture. It has to be seen to be believed.


Method # 3: Stowaway cupboard:

We got this idea from one of our Dealers. They’ve installed a number of ceiling track hoists recently and have included a wall cupboard in the design. The track goes into the cupboard, so when the hoist unit isn’t in use, just pop on charge inside the cupboard and shut the door!