Mobile Hoist vs Ceiling Hoist

With the on-going debate of whether a ceiling track hoist is better than a mobile hoist, we thought we would have a look at both.

A hoist is needed when a person is no longer able to stand and move safely. They use a hoist to transfer them from one place to another, ultimately allowing them the mobility they need. Hoists have developed over the years and are now not only very safe and practical but also comfortable for the user. A mobile hoist may be given to the user at first, as they are easy to source, don’t require fitting, and are able to used in no time. However, a ceiling tracking hoist will enable the user to keep their much needed floor space and enable easier transfers.

Mobile Hoists

Mobile hoists can be cheaper to buy and can often be delivered quickly. However, they often require two people to assist the user, as they can be difficult to manoeuvre and use. Mobile hoists also require a lot of space in the bedroom, and the legs of the hoist need to fit underneath your bed. As a mobile hoist is a large piece of equipment, it requires a lot of space in the home, and this is difficult if you have narrow doorways or small and cluttered rooms.

Mobile hoists are great for a quick fix solution as they can be delivered to your home quickly and if you have space in your home, it is an effective way to transfer.

Ceiling Track Hoist

A ceiling tracking hoist is fitted on to your ceiling and has a motor unit which runs along a track. A ceiling hoist is a permanent fixture in your room and is completely out of the way. A ceiling hoist allows the user, with only one personal assistant or carer, to manoeuvre from the bed to a commode or wheelchair, which then allows them to move freely around the home.

If full room coverage is required, an X-Y ceiling track system is the ideal solution. Otherwise known as an ‘H’ system, this enables a person to be lifted from practically anywhere within the four walls. This is achieved by installing two parallel tracks on each side of the room, either on the ceiling or on opposite walls. A moving section of track then runs at 90° to the parallel rails, meaning the hoist unit can move along the moving track and up and down the length of the room. It’s a simple concept, but it certainly works extremely well and is far more flexible than a mobile hoist.

The AirGlide360 system offers the smoothest and most comfortable overhead hoist transfer. Utilising both technological and natural forces, this ceiling hoist track system can not only transfer you safely but comfortably as well.


With technology ever evolving, so are Innova’s ceiling hoists, meaning that with the rise of products such as the AirRise260, there is plenty of ways to make a ceiling hoist better for the user and homeowner.

Another option is the Integralift hoist. This revolutionary concept is ideal if you want to keep the hoist stored away and out of sight, as it is hidden away in a cabinet next to your bed. Available in many colours, this cabinet keeps your room looking tidy and homely.


Here at Innova we have various ceiling tracking hoists, from the AirGlide360 to the Integralift hoist, we can find the best one for you. Take a look at our wide range of products on our website or give our team a call on 0345 034 1450.