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Lloyds Banking Group Enhance Workplace Accessibility with Second Changing Places Toilet

As part of a long-term business strategy to raise awareness and improve workplace accessibility, Lloyds Banking Group have opened their second Changing Places toilet at their site at Canons Way, Bristol Harbourside.

Statistics from the UK Government show that the number of disabled people in employment has risen to 4.9m, an increase of over 70% since 2013. As a result, Lloyds Banking Group are calling on other organisations and businesses to follow in their footsteps and look to invest in infrastructure, including the increase of Changing Places toilets in the workplace, to ensure they have an inclusive working environment for all colleagues who have disabilities.

Working with Innova to enhance workplace accessibility

Lloyds Banking Group’s latest facility, designed and installed by Changing Places supplier, Innova Care Concepts, and contractor, Wates Group, features specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable changing bench and wash basin, ceiling track with hoist, as well as a privacy screen and shower facilities.

Having become the first UK banking institution to open a Changing Places last year at their offices in Old Broad Street, London, Lloyds Banking Group’s latest facility will be open to the general public, increasing the number of registered Changing Places toilets in Bristol to 20 in total.

The next stage of Lloyds Banking Group’s investment into accessible facilities will see another Changing Places toilet installed at Keens House, Andover, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.  

Watch our video below to see how Innova supported Lloyds Banking Group with their first Changing Places install in London.

Ross Hovey Lloyds Banking Group Workplace Accessibility
Ross Hovey, Accessibility Manager at Lloyds Banking Group


Make Your Workplace More Accessible

Looking for support and expertise to make your work environment or workplace more accessible? Get in touch with Innova’s Changing Places team to arrange a free consultation. We’ll guide you through your options to make installing a Changing Places toilet a quick and simple process, enabling your office or building to meet the needs of your employees, colleagues and visitors.  

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